Hello all, Happy winters to all of you. Today I would like to talk about Relationships. It’s a beautiful part of our life. We all are indulge in many relationships. Like mother –child, boyfriend – girlfriend, father- daughter, husband – wife, and many more. We have different responsibilities towards our relations. We value for some of our relatives, however we ignore some relations too. Now here my question to you is do you really give required time to your relationships? I guess sometimes yes, but sometimes no. As we all are going very busy. We all are running after success and in this race, we forget about important aspects of our life.

“It’s not about how big the house is, it’s about how happy the home is”

The relationships are those threads of one’s life which are crucial to handle, a bit of carelessness and the thread may break. God has given us this beautiful life it becomes more fruitful when our relationships blossoms well. Healthy relationships create joy of living. Relationship with our spouse /boyfriend/girlfriend should be strong and healthy. Because it has a huge impact on our happiness in life.

I have some questions for you guys. If you genuinely want to answer please email me at [email protected]. Question no. 1) Do you have a healthy relationship with your life partner?

Question no. 2) if yes, then how you manage to keep it healthy and strong?

Question no. 3) How your professional life has an impact on your relationship?

Question n. 4) What are the important aspects of a healthy relationship?

Friends, now you all may be wondering that why I am asking all these questions to you? Actually the answers may vary from person to person. And it would be fun to know about your views, I will try to discuss this in detail in my next post. So stay tuned for it.

“A great relationship is about Two things: First.. Appreciating the similarities and Second.. respecting the differences”

Guys, today I am keen to write on this topic because recently I have observed many changes in the thinking of people as far as relationships are concerned. We are flying towards the modern world, we are adapting western culture and are very influenced by western lifestyle. Now we consider our mobile as a friend and we ignore a real human friend. Agree or not? But guys relationships cannot be taken for granted for long. If our entertainment, our internet surfing, our technical knowledge is important, then our relationship, our good behaviour with our spouse is also very very important for a peaceful life.

Yesterday, I finished reading the book “Its all in the planets, written by famous author Preeti Shenoy”. I was amazed. How beautifully she has described about relationships. She has explicated about friendship, love, romance, and how stars and destiny play its role. It created a positive impact on my mind. Now I can think about my relationship with my husband in more realistic way. I was able to relate my story with one of the character’s in the book. So I just want to say that we should get some idea that how we can make our life more peaceful and beautiful with having a strong bond with our family. Just living together, having children, eating together, does not called healthy relationship, it should have proper heart to heart connection. Agree or disagree?


“You will know when a relationship is right for you. It will enhance your life, not complicate your life”

I have seen break ups, patch ups, again break ups in lives of people around me. Sometimes it sounds funny, that one guy broke up with his girlfriend and dumped her only because she put up some weight and now she does not look gorgeous as before. Is it not funny? The other break up was occurred because the guy has moved to some other city to join another job, and a distant relationship was creating issues. Number 3 break up happened because the guy was over possessive for his girlfriend and was not allowing his girlfriend to talk to some other guy. This is no doubt funny. Tell me guys, if your understanding goes well, if you really want to see your partner successful, if you gel along well, then would these type of issues arise? No way. If you are breaking up with your partner for these silly reasons then there is something fishy. That love was not real. It was may be just a crush or imaginary love. Possessiveness and jealousy do takes place in relationships. But you should be smart enough to handle these feelings and should move on forward.

I have seen people fighting on small topics like: Girlfriend says “hey I like iced tea, why you ordered cold coffee for me?” The guy says “ohh sorry baby, I thought you would love cold coffee, its really good, wanna try? Girl replied “hell, I was not in a mood to meet today and you spoiled my mood by this coffee, I am going bye, and you enjoy this cold coffee. Hilarious no?

One more I remember: Boyfriend says: darling why you wearing red today? It does not suits on you. Girl said: “ohh but that day in party, you were saying I look gorgeous in red?” Boy is shocked “oops did I say that, sorry sorry, you look beautiful as usual. Now girl is confused.. (he he .. trust me this really happens.)

Now to make this post a little attractive I am putting some 2-3 examples of few couples. You may get some info, you may relate your relationship with one of these examples and see how they are doing in their lives.

Example 1: Kavita and Ankit: This couple is married since 3 years. This was an arranged marriage. The lives of both were going fine. Everything seemed too perfect. But when I discussed about their relationship, they both have different perspective. Ankit feels fed up, he says, my wife has a new expectation every day. Sometimes she says “you don’t give time to me, and you keep yourself busy. You don’t shop for me, you don’t spend quality time with me.” And Ankit says “when I think about surprising her, like on a Friday I bought two movie tickets, I asked her to get free from office in second half, so that we can watch the movie in evening show. She shouted and said “you don’t have value for work, I have work, and I am busy. You waste your time, is career not important?”

Now see, this is a very small thing, it happens almost with all of us, but if it is repeating again and again. And the frequency of these small fights increases then it is an alarming situation. So in this case what we will say, it is a lack of understanding, communication gap between the two. May be Kavita genuinely is busy or facing some tension. So she can manage the situation by just explaining this calmly to Ankit.

Example 2: Anushree and Dev: Anushree is a very beautiful, bold and attractive girl. She and her boyfriend Dev work for an event management company. They are dating each other since 18 months. Their families know about their commitment. Dev is an average looking guy, but he is very intelligent and workaholic. They have a proper rocking connection that’s why they have informed their parents too about their relation right? But suddenly since 3 months they are facing complications. And why is that so? Because Anushree is very beautiful and successful, so people sending many marriage proposals to her parents. And her parents too wants her too re consider the thought of getting married with Dev. And the strange part is Anushree met 2-3 guys already. Now the question – is she not in love with Dev anymore? Or she wants to look for other options? Or she got bored of her existing relationship?

Guys, we have to be very careful you know, we don’t know what happens to whom at any point of time. Our thinking, our likings, our priorities changes easily these days.

Example 3: Veer and Tanya: These guys are perfect example of a healthy and beautiful relationship. Veer is a chef in a renowned 5 star hotel. And Tanya is working as a manager in finance domain. They both are married since 8 months. They both are very much indulge in their own careers. Still they take out time and go on short trips, they spend quality time on weekends. They both are very much in love since 5 years. But they waited till they both get settled in their work life. And then tied the knot.

They are friends and share a great bond with each other. They support each other for the career growth and for other aspects in life.

So people if we see, we have many such examples. Where people sharing a great bond with their life partners. And some are not so happy and need a break. Now guys, you tell me in which category you fall? Happy, very happy, not so happy, or exhausted?

These days a new trend I have seen, some people do get involved in extra marital affairs. They are so much involved in work but you know that we need break, entertainment or spending quality time with loved ones. So they forget about their marriage and get involved with their colleagues or friends, they somehow start cheating on their spouse. Because they get fascinated towards somebody else. Which finally only complicate the things, and ruin their life.

I have seen people that they suffer a lot because of a bad experience in their love life that finally they need to consult a counsellor to get stability. Expectations play a very vital role. We expect a lot from our partner and sometimes we forget to think that our partner would be able to fulfil that expectation or not. May be he/she is not at all aware about what we actually expecting them to do.

So here I would like to conclude by saying try to hold on to your commitments, apologize if you know, it’s your fault, give some space to your partner, have trusts on your love, express love.

It is rightly said “Relationships include: Fights, Jealousy, Arguments, Faith, Tears, Disagreements, But a real Relationship fights through all that with love.”

Be happy, keep smiling, Count your Blessings!!

Beena Himthani


8 thoughts on “Relationships

  1. Nitin Jamtani
    Nitin Jamtani says:

    Hello beena,

    I liked the artical very much n believe me its good to see how u categorised the issues n suggested a way out.. keep it up.

    1. Beena

      Thanks a lot.. For your valuable words.. It motivates me to write more effectively.. Stay tuned for more..

  2. Aditi

    This is really awesome and each of us can relate with the topic now a days…

    1. Beena Himthani
      Beena Himthani says:

      Thanks dear.. I that’s why researched on the topic to make it more realistic. Thanks..

  3. Kamal Gwalani
    Kamal Gwalani says:

    Very good article. Nicely summed up beauty and importance of relationships.

    1. Beena

      Thanks a lot Jiju for your valuable words..

  4. Salil Limboo
    Salil Limboo says:

    Hi Beena,

    It was just wow man…wonderful thoughts with awsome examples..very much real..,keep writing lady..

    …….keep it up !! All the very best

    Regards, Salil

    1. Beena

      Thanks Salil… I m glad to know that you like it.

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