Quit Social Media? Ha Ha Ha!

Quit Social Media? Ha Ha Ha!

Social Media is one of the greatest parts of our daily life. Most of us can’t even imagine our lives without our cell phones. We love putting our pictures on Instagram and Snapchat. We like to write about how we are feeling presently and what are our opinions regarding what’s in the trend. We bombard our Facebook walls with our posts and with the posts of our friends. We like to follow various celebrities on twitter and it somehow feels that we are kind of connected to them virtually.

My dear friend, I’m writing this post not to guide you or advise you to quit social media. I’m writing this to help you understand how social media can make your life away from simplicity.

Let’s try to understand the basic process. Suppose you are at a party and you clicked some picture of yours with your friends and you decided to upload it on say Facebook. So far – so good. The problem appears when your mind tricks you to check your wall, again and again, to look at how many likes/comments/emoticons you have received under your picture. If you get many likes, you start believing that your picture was so damn good and you should share more pictures of you on your wall. On the other hand, if you don’t get many likes/comments/emoticons on your post, you’ll get into a self-criticizing zone where you’ll be going to curse yourself again and again that you’re not so good looking or presentable.

Our mind loves tricking us. It will push you to do things that will compel you to seek attention. And my friend, we all love getting attention. We all love staying above our league. We all love it when people talk about us. And there is nothing wrong about that, provided we don’t alter our actions with the attention to be acceptable/loved/looked upon. Oh, man! I can’t tell you how bad things can get when people start loving you for your fictitious figure. You can’t get so close to anyone. Your life becomes a piece of fiction that you create yourself. You always remain afraid of people around you and they will be aware of the fact that your life is not as perfect as it looks like- and trust me, it kills something inside you.

So after so much psychological stuff, let me help you to opt for simple living without deleting your social media accounts.

  • The first thing you can do is, that make yourself a promise that no matter, whatever happens, you’ll not upload something untrue about yourself.
  • You should delete all the pages, people, and groups that are disturbing your psyche. There is no point in growing your friend list when you have no one to have a recharging conversation every night before sleeping.
  • You should not post anything to raise an idiotic debate with no conclusion. It only disturbs you mentally and gave you a very vague sense of victory or defeat.


I hope these little points help you live a better, stress-free life without quitting social media. There is no harm in staying up to date, provided it doesn’t take you away from who you are, isn’t it?

Om Shanti:

Love, Laughter, And Peace

Himanshu R Nagpal (HRN)

Edited by:- Geetika Nagpal


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