PS- I'm Protected

PS – I’m Protected

Have you ever thought that is there any power which is governing us and protecting us at every turn of life? or are we all alone on this planet? How often we feel that there’s no one to protect us and care for us. And how often we feel that there’s completely no one who can completely understand us and feel for us.

Questions like who created this whole system of life and death and after death always appears in my mind. Who created our emotions? Who created these religions? and there are a lot more ‘Who’ in the list. And one thing which constantly appears in my mind is how can there be no errors or faults in the system? How everyone has to die, no matter sooner or later, no matter who you are, but one has to die. There’s completely no escape.

A few days back I was going through a little emotional trauma and was a bit shattered. I felt that there’s completely no one who can understand me or help me to come out of it. I felt naked. I felt Vulnerable.

But I’m very fortunate that I have some friends who, no matter what happens, never judge me. So, I texted one of my friends and I told her what I was going through. First thing She did is to wholeheartedly listen to me, which I think, made the major impact on my improvement. I felt relaxed and calm. I looked at her display picture. two fairies were standing. Out of curiosity, I asked her who are they. She replied that they are Archangels. I had no idea who Archangels are, so I tried to gather more information. She said that Archangels protect us, heal us and take care of our well-being.

“Is there any Archangel who is protecting me?” I asked her.

She said to me that I need to close my eyes and Inhale and exhale slowly. She asked me whether any picture or number visible to me. Honestly, there were none.

She told me to try again and this time I inhaled through my nostrils and exhaled through my mouth. Out of the blue letter ‘G’ was visible and then a word Gibrel or Gabril appeared in my mind. I can cross my heart and can say that I never heard this name in my entire life.

What she said next actually shook me up and made my eyes moist:-

“Archangel Gabriel is working with you”

Archangel Gabriel, as some of us know, is the one who Conveyed Almighty Allah’s messages to Prophet Muhammad who wrote Al-Quran when he got those messages. She also came to Mother Mary and gave the message that she is about the

PS- I'm Protected
PS- I’m Protected

give birth to the Son of God – Lord Jesus.

Archangel Gabriel helps writers, Poets, Speakers and communicators to convey their messages clearly and efficiently.

At that moment two things were so darn clear to me. First, that no matter what your religion is, you are not away from the divine grace. Second and most important – You are Protected.

I felt delighted when I understood that there’s a power who is always protecting you. there’s a power who is there with you on your path. You are not alone my dear. You are Special. You are Protected.

I dedicate this article to Archangel Gabriel who helped me in finding words

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