Poetry Muse

Poetry Muse

Heya guys, I hope you are having a great time with God’s amazing grace and celebrating every phase of your monotonous lives. For me, April is such an awesometastic month starting from April Fool’s Day to celebration of National Poetry Writing Month. Last year, I took a challenge of 30 day, 30 poem challenge and this year too, the same challenge is going on. Besides that, I have been reading marvellous collection of Poetry by RM Drake, Javed Akhtar Sir, Rudy Francisco to just name a few and sharing their emotion and thought provoking poetries on my social media handles.

Poetry has always been our best escape and gives us the much needed love and comfort in its own million ways. It is considered to be an interesting way to vent out our emotions which are otherwise caged in all of us and remain insignificant unless penned down. For me, it has been a way out to distract myself from all the things that disturbs me and finding my own warmth in it. It also blessed me with a lot of love and happiness in terms of not only the appreciations but the friends that I made and lessons learnt.

If there is peace in solace, I think it would be the paradise of poetry. So dearest sweetheart on the other side of the screen, if you ever feel alone, disgusted or excited, try your hands with some poetry this time. Reading or writing poems will definitely be a mesmerising experience, making you crave for more and more of it. Finally, here comes my piece of poetry to take you in the magical world of words. I hope you would enjoy it. Happy reading.

Life calls out for celebration,
No matter how tough time it may be.
The pen falls on the paper,
It starts to dance on its own ;
And makes the paper melodious.
The writer applauds his capability,
Irony smirks when the entire poetry reminds him of the solace he used to find in words once,
And now that words are only what he has,
Making him feel alive over and over again.

Wishing you a great day ahead filled with loads of love, happiness and inspiring ideas.




Hope you guys enjoyed reading some poetry here. Comment and Tell me which one is your favourite out of all my poems that you have read on blog or in my diary. Also let me know what was the last heart touching poem you read.I would love to know about it.

Next blog will be up soon. Until next time, keep enjoying and loving yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Poetry Muse

  1. Beena

    Manushreya.. You just fill liveliness in the words through your poetry… I m in love with your words and imagination.. Keep sharing.. Stay blessed..

    1. Manushreya Sharma
      Manushreya Sharma says:

      Thank you so much dearest Beena Didi. You are a big inspiration and a great helper. Million wishes.❤

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