PINK is a beautiful color, isn’t it? It is my favorite color, most of the girls like this color and as we all know it signifies women and feminism. So today I want to throw some light on some really important and not to ignore points. These topics related to Women, women empowerment, Feminism, issues in society for women all are debatable topics. And have been discussed in many forums and societies. However, are we really getting a solution? No doubt women are not on a back foot in any field these days. Be it comes to business, professional career, Bollywood, glamour world, teaching, Medical, IT anywhere Women has proved herself remarkably powerful. You all agree to it, right?

Some influential women from our country have made us proud if we talk about, Kalpana Chawla, Chanda Kochhar, Indra Nooyi, Priyanka Chopra and many more, these ladies have inspiring personalities and they achieved their goals with great determination.

I am proud to be a woman, why would I regret? God has given me this beautiful life and I am grateful for it. There have been rumors all around that people feel pity for a female. Why? They say “because she has to face a lot, in her life time she has to sacrifice her desires.” Really? They say “she has to follow the set rules designed for her, she cannot cross certain limits, she cannot be bold. I discard all these useless sayings. I believe that Woman has an equal right to have freedom, like a man.  Am I wrong?

Yes, I agree that a female has certain obligations like she must take care of the family, she has to cook food for the family, she has to act as nurse, teacher, tailor, a dietician at times. She has to keep a balance in her professional and personal life. But do you feel anything wrong in it? Is doing something for your own family is harmful? No right? But you cannot, I again say You cannot treat her like a sufferer. She should not feel pity for herself at all. Don’t it shows that how powerful God has made us as a FEMALE?

There are many points in which I can prove that Female is a better and strong creature than a Male. (Hey all my male friends, don’t feel offended, no hard feelings. I don’t have any problem with you all. I just want to highlight some important points through this write-up. Thanks)

I feel pity for the blind thinking of people around us. Really regret to say that those minds are part of our own society. I feel more suffocated when a female discourages another female for doing something. How can a woman do that? I really feel sometimes, that for the sake only we are living in the 21st century but our minds are still breathing in the 19th century. It is a sad fact that large part of our societies living in rural areas where there are certain unimaginable rules, where girls are bound to be at home, and could not move out, where there is no education for girls, their work only restricted to cooking, getting married and producing children, and take care of family all her life without ifs and buts. And then an end. End of their life.

It is a more disgraceful situation when a woman is pregnant in their society and they all pray including all female family members that she (pregnant woman) should give birth to a boy. Why do they think that giving birth to a girl would be committing a big fault? Woman gives birth to a new life, she is the reason for our existence, right? And we are trying to kill her. So how the human hood will remain living?

Let us leave about rural areas, and think about people like most of us, who are living in urban societies, we do not think about these issues much, as we are not coming across these things in front of us every day. But I believe that the thinking is not completely changed in our societies too. It is a bit altered, but still somewhere or the other in our families too, even today people pray for a boy child (may be silently) but it is true. We pretend proudly that we are educated. We proudly claim that we are advanced and modernize. Is this called modern thinking? Just think about it for a second.

Woman are being penalized everywhere no idea for which mistake, we keep hearing the sad news about rapes, dowry, domestic violence. I can imagine that some dominating male creatures do these awful activities. But the involvement of a senior woman from the family in such dreadful activities is beyond my imagination.

Males feel powerful when they attempt a rape, but they unknowingly kill the feelings of all the females they are related to. They kill the trust and love of their mother and sisters. How shameless are those fellows? And how a person can do such a harm to a female just for idiotic pleasure? It is really unacceptable.

When we talk about domestic violence, frankly speaking, I am never keen to read such type of news, it creates a disgusting feeling inside me. A husband beating her wife for no reason? How unfair is it? What masculinity do they want to show? Those husbands and in laws are such monsters that they should not be set free. A girl when gets married has so many dreams in her thoughts, she expects that her new family would accept her like a daughter and she will live a happily married life. Unaware of the brutal truth of inhumanity.

This is high time now, we should grow up. We should update our thinking. Women are not less than anybody. Where we worship Goddess Durga, there on same earth we commit these filthy activities.

Guys, my request to you is to show some respect, love, affection to your female family members. We have to make our society better. We all should grow together. We should educate our maids and other people who are coming from that illiterate world, the importance of the existence of female. We should truly support the campaign “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” started by Government of India. Many others schemes are going on like “save water, pollution free country, using eco-friendly things; this one is also very important to support “save girl child” and she will make your life heaven.

I got to write about this today, as I was reading a book, and that took me to a different world. Though I liked the book a lot, but the scenes of domestic violence mentioned, disturbed me and then I thought of writing on this. It is rightly said that “the empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description”.

I am hoping for a future where there would be no discrimination between a girl and a boy. Where there would be no cruel activities, where we will actually follow the “Right to equality”. More beautiful the color PINK will become, the more support it gets from BLUE.

Be happy, keep smiling and count your Blessings!!

Beena Himthani

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