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So, have you ever felt embarrassed of buying sanitary napkins at the medical store or changing the channels when such ads come on the television? C’mon we all have faced something like this because we are blessed to be born in the times still menstruation is considered as a taboo. Why is it something so secretive and still not talked openly? Why aren’t we taught as to what it is before the very first time we bleed? Here comes a period tale of a very young girl with all the wildest imaginations about menstruation because simply she was unaware.

Period Tales

Oh, I didn’t know what menstruation was when I first bled in fifth standard ;
At first, I was afraid of blood stains and thought of hiding it from my mom,
I thought it was some incurable, undiscovered thing which has happened to me.
I gathered a lot of courage and told my mom,
She hugged me tight and told me what it is,
My grandmommie told me about Ritu Kala Samskaram;
How the first menstruation is celebrated by South Indians marking the puberty and transition into womanhood.
There somewhere, she was gifted a sari,
And here, I was told not to share it with anybody.
Oh! That innocent girl thought that it’s secretive enough that men don’t know what it is,
And now I actually laugh at it.
I thought it is something happening because of the sins one had committed;
Such a crazy head was I! Isn’t it?
Wasn’t it natural?
Was it really a taboo?
Was walking uncomfortably with sanitary pads a stuff to be mocked upon
And constantly told to walk properly so that nobody could make out ?
Was being scared of blood in general and hating menstruation a natural response then?
Was keeping it from the world a great idea till the day they saw those red stains on my skirt?
Was buying sanitary napkins a thing to be ashamed about?
Was PMSing a big enough for my boyfriend to break up-
Because I was too much during so called “those day”?
I now laugh at all those periods anecdotes-
Staring from crying and wishing to be born as a boy to blabbering “Yeh sab hume hi kyu hota hai!” to fainting after spotting blood here and there.
I somewhere grew up from a girl to a woman,
What remained constant was period shaming!

Have things really changed in the so called modern times? Aren’t we still behaving as if it’s 19th century and not 21st century! As parents, educators and youth, it’s high time to make our children learn about it especially in the rural areas where the picture is really scary. They don’t even have access to medical stores and live in unhygienic conditions. Let’s join hands together to aware people around us that menstruation is like any other normal biological process. We don’t need to socialise it and let’s talk openly about it.
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