Perfect Love Story Of Not So Perfect People (part-7)

Perfect Love Story Of Not So Perfect People (part-7)


Talking to Aayush was a everyday thing for me now again. He had proved that there’s something very real between us. Many months passed like this only.

Now, I was working as a teacher in a school in Delhi.

Meanwhile in Aayush’s life:

Aayush and Neha, both were placed in big shot companies, Aayush in Honda Automobiles and Neha in Lakme. Everything was going well between the two until Neha’s neighbour cum childhood friend Lakshay returned to Mumbai after completing his studies from U.K. Neha started going out for movies, lunch, and dinner with Lakshay. Aayush didn’t like Neha hanging out with him and tried to stop her but Neha did what she liked. As the time passed Neha came closer to Lakshay and slowly started realising that she and Lakshay are meant to be together. After being sure of her feelings, she confessed to Aayush that she likes Lakshay more than she likes him and broke up with him. Aayush had loved Neha with all his heart and he was hurt that Neha wants to go away from him, but seeing her so happy with Lakshay, he chose not to create problem for her and let her go.


Now it had been four months that Aayush had been single and his exams also got over. I and he were close friends and had limited ourselves to friendship only.

Since Aayush was now free for 2 months, he planned to come to Delhi and surprise me.

That day I had taken a half day at my school, as I was meeting Prateek, the guy my family wanted me to marry. So according to the plan I left my school at 11am and reached the GIP mall in Noida. I waited for around 15 minutes and Prateek arrived. He came with a bunch of yellow roses that he gifted me. We talked and tried to know each other when I received a call from Aayush, I instantly disconnected. When my phone rang again, I thought something important must be there so I picked up the call and told him that I am busy and asked him that is there something important? His answer was ‘call me when free’. I said ‘ok’.

I had a sumptuous lunch with Prateek, I really liked him and he seems to like me too. Bidding good bye, I left for my home. I was quite happy to meet him and my mom was super excited for this meeting. On my way back home my phone was bombarded by my mom’s continuous calls asking about my meeting.

I don’t know how but between all this I was able to remember to call Aayush. So I called him up,


‘Hi, there’s a surprise for you’.

‘ Today is surely my lucky day, everyone’s giving me surprises, in the morning my mom surprised me by giving me bed tea, then she showed me picture of a hot dude and asked me ‘if I would meet him today’?


‘Yea, my family has chosen Prateek for me, and I met him today. He’s working in SBI.’

‘Ok, wait. I want to tell you something.’

‘yeaa, say’

‘I am in Delhi.’

‘Huh??? Are you kidding?

‘No really I am here in model town and I came to Delhi just to meet you, so can you meet me today?’

‘Yea of course, model town is very near to my place. Can you come to Hudson lane?? It’s hardly 15 min drive from model town?


‘ok, then meet me in sugarhouse café in Hudson lane within 25 minutes.


‘See ya!!!! I am super excited to meet you after so many years!!!’



-Manasvi Kansal



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