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The moral of this story is that, if you happen to have a wife, then steal your heart and kill her cold blooded as soon as possible. Otherwise your life would be no less then a hell of betrayals. Many Women― or for that matter of fact, girls― could find this moral unamusing and preposterous, on the other hand, some single lads would be outrageous. In either cases don’t target me for such absurd moral, but taget Rakesh sindhu.


Rakesh is a man from Meerut Uttar Pradesh , every morning he travel 65 kilometers to Mukherjee nagar to teach at Rao institute for IAS aspirants. And then return to his house in the evening. So a total 130 kilometers journey he made in a day, he is a passionate man and possesses quite knowledge, topper of choudhary charan Singh university in both BSc and MSc Mathematics, two times SSB conference out 3 times PCS interview out, perhaps the universe didn’t conspire an government job in his life. Slow and steady wins the race and patient along with some hard work is the only key to success, these were some protocols over which Sindhu works, day and night. Besides that 130 km of alternative daily ups and downs, he uses his weekends and holidays to study, he is an assiduous fellow, believer of karma and its wand, never worshipped god and also deny the existence of omnipotent. He doesn’t live with his parents. After his marrige, he and his wife moved to a town near Shahibabad. His wife Alka is from Gorakhpur, around 490 miles away from Shahibabad. She was from a family which possess four cows and acres of land. Milk and ghee enriched family. Father was a zamindar and mother was a DM of that particular region, she was six months away from her retirement, and it was her only wish that either of her daughter would also become grade A officer, but it does not happened, Alka tried 3 times for UPSC but didn’t even abled to clear prelim. It was less disappointing for the father as he knew about his level of qualification, how could he expect his own blood to crack UPSC, where as the situation of mother was completely opposite, She was mad at her, that she decided to marry her out, Poor Alka married Vijay on a lovely spring of march. Its been 3 years since they got married but still there is no sign of intimacy between them, even after such a long period of ‘live-in’ together, Alka was an unbloomed flower. She tried to persuade her husband, but eccentric fellow was lost in all those hypothetical conics on 3d plane that he had no idea about the beauty of real curves of life. The sexuality of a women is considered forbidden and hideous in our society, whereas that of a male is accepted profoundly, this hegemony among males have been there, from the beginning of the civilization, many philosophers and intellectual propose there own assertion regarding this practice but the situation is still unfavorable for the women’s, what do they do?





Vijay a small shop owner on the street near Rakesh’s house played the major role in this story, as every Ramayana has a Ravana same as this story has Vijay, besides Rameshar, Bablu, Krishna and Dwarka are some more people that have there own share in the narrative. So without twisting it further, let us come to the story.




When Rakesh was twelve, he had developed an interest in civil services, when he first saw the District Magistrate of his town for the very first time. He was impressed by the way he talk and put up, it was intimidating for him to talk to a person with such personality, it took him three months to conquer his fear. One Morning he passed by the DM’s house and asked the guards to meet him, at first they laughed at him and told him to take an appointment first, little Rakesh got upset and the moment he turn, he heard his name from back, he looked behind and it was him, The DM. He was gay with happiness and astonished both at the same time, while he was wondering how he knew his name, The DM called him in and they both walked towards the garden.
“So how can I help you rakesh,” asked the DM sitting on the chair next to the table and taking off the slippers of his one leg and putting it over his other. His name was Manjeet bharadwaj he was in 1978 IAS batch, before his posting in Gaziabad as District Magistrate, he was in public administration department at Rishiskesh, there he had done some noticeable work and the local people of that town really admired his way, but due to his mother’s illnesses he had to shift to his hometown Gaziabad, so he requested the government to transfer him there after a span of eight months, he was shifted here.


“Ha..Hau.. tu bicum aafsar (officer)” Rakesh asked with great struggle.
Manjeet smiled on the innocence with which the question is asked, “Well, first” continued the DM “you need to complete your intermediate and then you need to achieve the bachelor’s degree, and then you will be eligible for sitting in Upsc exams, after passing you’ll be an officer too.”
Little rakesh smiled and noted each point in his head and from that day onward he started working over his goal in life.
Every year in Uttar pardesh around 4.5 lakh people graduate, most of them start there preparation for civil services, the one who left, starts working for private company, some in business, some put themselves in Manual scavenging due to lack of employment in tamed society. Rakesh knew all about these facts, his major concern was development of his state and ultimately his country, he chose public administration, ethics and mathematics and  English as his main subjects, in first attempt he had cleared the PT, but mains took another year to clear, interview went well, but his score were not so well, so he was not recommended, same thing happened two more times, still there was hope in his heart to crack it up in the next attempt, but he had a baby sister in the house grown enough to be someone’s better half, so to marry her first before an elder brother was little less moral for Rakesh’s Mother, so she had found a suitable bride for her son to Marry, she was from a distant relation and considered suitable in all aspects for Rakesh as she was also prepararing for Civil service (as claimed by her parents). Rakesh under his parents pressure married Alka, things usually changed after you get married, but for Rakesh everything remain same except now he has Ironed shirt and a plate of hot Pranthas already set for him in the Morning, besides preparing for his exams, he also started giving tutions and later joined an Institute for IAS aspirants, Alka remained in her solitude, the burning loins were out of control, sometimes she ends up, cursing her self for not being a good companion.


Vijay Kumar a small shop owner near vijay’s house in the town was attracted to Alka, day and night he was fancied for her, he wanted her, more than anything without even caring about the fact that she was a married women, and one fine evening it kind of happened, when Alka was returning from the Bazar and lost her house keys somewhere in the Market, Vijay was closing the shop at that time, he noticed her from his shop, she was standing outside trying to find the keys in her bag but it wasn’t there, he Understood and approached her, she told him the problem and he goes to his shop and brought hammer and nail, after two three shorts the lock came out and Alka thanked Vijay, by offering him tea and Namkeen, It was right time for Vijay to make a move on her, so while she was in kitchen Keading the flour, vijay get up, and grabbed her from the back.



Rameshar was Raksesh’s neighbor, his son use to come at Rakesh’s house whenever he has any doubt in Maths and science, that day he coincidentally peeped through the window and saw things that child of his age, generally watch on television, he told his mother about this, and after sometime Rameswar came to know this, he was feeling aroused and sorry both at a same time. Bablu and Krishna were Rameshar’s friends living in that same locallity, with mutual talk and logical expression they decided to tell Rakesh about this abominable act of his wife, they told him the next day, Rakesh understood and didn’t much reacted to this, he requested them not to tell anybody else and also not to discuss this matter further. Rakesh goes to his house, and shut the door, Alka was sweeping the bedroom, Rakesh goes to her and simply asked her, “Did Vijay that shop owner came here yesterday in the evening?”
Alka with sort of hesitation replied, “ji yes, I had lost my keys and he helped me to get in.”
“And then…”
She put her head down, and wondered how does he knew,
“And then” repeated Rakesh
“And then he came to the kitchen and…..”
Rakesh heard the full story, he was bewildered,
Alka started sobbing, he took her broom and put it away, then made her comfortable and slipped his one hand awkwardly to her shoulder and embraced her, she was still sobbing, he then stood up, and then goes towards Vijay’s shop, he was sitting and counting money, looking at Rakesh he understood the situation and put the money in the locker, and stood up,” give me one bamboo stick” Rakesh demanded,
“Oh okay,” Vijay relieved, “which one.”
“The one by which snake is beaten” Rakesh said.
“Oh well,” Vijay looked around and handed over him one.
Rakesh took it and entered in the shop.
“Wha…. What.. are you doing..”
“You son of a….”
Rakesh beat 3-4 stick on his back Vijay fall on the floor.


Grunting. Rakesh didn’t stopped, people from neighborhood heard the scream of Vijay so they gathered around, Bablu and Dwarka holded Rakesh. Vijay stood up and apologized Rakesh. Rakesh gave him warning to move away, from this place, the whole neighborhood insisted as they can not allow such a person to live among them, Vijay was reluctant but majority was against him, so he had no choice but to leave. Rakesh returned home, Alka opened the door, she was wearing a sari, which was old, but still looks sensual on her, for the first time in his life time Rakesh noticed her brown eyes, she embraced him. And they further go inside.
The next morning Rakesh waked up, Alka was not there, when he looked around, he found a letter addressed to him.

Alka was eloped with Vijay.

Present Day.

“Now tell me what should I have done”, Rakesh asked in a drunk state looking down at Vijay’s closed shop.

“Well, What can I say sir” I said collecting my research papers.


Inspired by ;

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer’s

“The Card Sharper’s Daughter “


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  1. Although i think the ending is abrupt…bt Moreover its good…keep going like this…????????????????

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