NO means Next Opportunity

NO means Next Opportunity

I felt deeply dejected, when I got beyond rejected,

It was not my limitation.. to fail in this situation.

Fate was not seeming happy, that day fear was superlative,

I kept myself calm and walked towards dawn

Mind was not working fine, Wanna see my name shine,

Vision going slowly blur, heart saying it is not the fuzz

Must keep the hopes high, surely would take a deep dive,

Not saying failure doesn’t happens, it clears the mindset and hallucination

Why he said that NO, I committed I would grow,

Many a times given this exam, will conquer and be apart

Time is priceless equation, We should believe this possession

Dedication pays off the debts, Imagination cultivates the success

Rejection made me strong, I never went again wrong,

Hopeful attitude gave high five, Positivity foster the pride,

My believe on me was right, activity made me wise

I only learnt then integrity, NO means Next Opportunity


Be Happy, Keep Smiling, Count Your Blessings!!

Beena Himthani

3 thoughts on “NO means Next Opportunity

  1. Poonam

    Nice article bhavya yes no means next opportunity may be that will b the better one than previous rejection we should take that rejection in a positive way and learn from past Experience and go ahead for next opportunity that will wait for us…….amazing thoughts

  2. Brijesh

    Written with great passion, ane truly inspiring.
    Wish to read some more poems like this.

  3. Richa

    Nice one!
    It was too good to be first!
    Lots of love

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