How many of you know about soft skills? I guess all of you. However, maybe you are not aware of importance and benefits of using your soft skills in daily life. Soft skill is a personality trait which is associated with your relationship with others. Soft skill is not only beneficial for a single person; it can be largely helpful for a company’s image


This article is to help you evaluate yourself in terms of your professional behaviour. These skills comprise of Communication skills, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, decision making, self-confidence, stress management, perceptiveness, presentation skills, appearance and many more.

If you do any professional course like MBA, they teach you there, how to use your soft skills. There are many certification courses also available where soft skills course is also included. In today’s scenario it has become really important to stand ahead of others to showcase your unique characteristics to survive in competition. For growth and success, soft skills play a vital role. You can possess soft skills at any stage of your life. Because it is imbibed in you, you just need to polish it.

Now how can you compare hard skills with soft skills? See, hard skills are the job – specific skills, for example – Accountancy. These are more or less same in any person or organisation. But soft skills are the one which varies from person to person. Soft skills can be your unique selling point. For example, if there are two training centres in one area, they have same courses and trainings to offer you. So how would you differentiate between the two? The difference between the two will be their “unique selling point (USP)”, right? You can say training centre “B” is better than “A” as their training skills are better. Their trainers possess special soft skills to train the trainees.

We are sometimes very much influenced by someone’s attitude. His aura attracts us to talk to him, to be in contact with him, to learn something from him. How? Maybe the soft skills he depicts are more influential? He must be knowing how to use his communication skills, how to interact with people? How to appear in front of others? You sometimes feel that you want to be like him. This is what I want to say, you all should evaluate yourself at each step. Imagine, if you are working with a Multinational company, and every day you need to meet with senior corporate managers. So what will you do? you will try to communicate with them with confidence, right? Suppose, your English is not that good, or you get nervous easily when you present something, then? you will have to work on your weakness, and improve it as soon as possible to perform well, right? You have to do it because there must be other colleagues who are better than you and you need to showcase your USPto survive in that competitive world. Here soft skills help you to grow.

Soft skills are the traits which keep you a step ahead of others. You must have met some HR personnel in your life. Everybody who is working has to meet with HR, for his/her various type of issues. Youmust have noticed; HR personnel’s body language is totally different. They talk softly, dressed up in a professional way, their behaviour is impressive, you get positive vibes after talking to them, most of the time right? Actually, they are trained like this, they have to have better soft skills. They will present the situation beautifully in front of you, so that you get convinced with what they are saying.

I just want to highlight some important points, which would be helpful for you to improve your skills:

  1. Greet everyone in the morning when you reach your workplace.
  2. Keep smiling, people will have a good and positive perception for you.
  3. Read more articles and books to improve your communication skills.
  4. Practice in front of mirror for your presentation, it will enhance your confidence.
  5. Dress up nicely every day, focus on your attire, hairstyle, footwear, make up, these play important role in your appearance.
  6. Try to learn something new from your friends, colleagues every day.
  7. Appreciate others, whenever you see something good, be it small or big, appreciate it.
  8. Management skills: if you are a manager, try to help your team to improve their soft skills.
  9. SWOT analysis: try to evaluate yourself, do your SWOT analysis at least once in a quarter, it is a great activity to improve. (SWOT: Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats)
  10. Positive thinking, time management, good listening skills all three are main ingredients of your personality.

I hope, above points will help you improve your skills. My whole idea to write this article is to get you people realise that only hard skills are not enough to survive in any profession. Your personality should be impressive. People should know you because of your good behaviour. Your relationship with others in corporate world will benefit you forever. So start working on yourself, as you believe that you should focus on your health, your diet should be proper. Similarly focus on your personality. You behaviour should be in proper shape.

Be happy, keep smiling, count your blessings 🙂

Beena Himthani



  1. Teena kohli
    Teena kohli says:

    Very nice written…definately help people to improve their personality…I believe people on higher level should more concenterate on this topic ..???

    Keep it up Beena himthani….looking forward to see more articles…

  2. Mohit Garg

    Hi Beena,

    Thank s for sharing such a nice article.

    Regards, Mohit

  3. Anubhav

    Very informative and motivating.

  4. Ekta

    Hello bhavya it’s very nice that you focus on soft skills it’s very necessary that youth show our interest on soft skills.
    Only one soft skill I want to add in your article is that is.’Belief System ‘

  5. Sonali Padegaonkar
    Sonali Padegaonkar says:

    Technical skills may get you an interview, but these soft skills will get you the job and a better future! Good one Beenu!
    Keep it up!

  6. Shraddha Onkar
    Shraddha Onkar says:

    Exactly…I totally agree with the points you made in your article.
    Furthermore..soft skills not only enhance once persona, but also paves way for better opportunities for the individual, since he would be more liked and appreciated. He would be visualized as someone who is more trustworthy. 🙂 😉

  7. Pankaj Himthani
    Pankaj Himthani says:

    It is good article on Soft skills.

  8. poonam himthani
    poonam himthani says:

    Bhavya its too good and motivate me to improve my soft skills…….as soft skills made professional as well as personal life better than before.after reading ur article it will definately improve……keep writing its really motivational and inspirational. Good going…….

  9. Jitesh Adwani
    Jitesh Adwani says:

    Proper usage of these skills will always give you a significant lead over others at professional as well as personal platform. Very neatly described and written. Good job Beenu !!! Way to go !!

  10. Dr.neelam

    Wow bhabhi..☺very beautifully explained by can v improve our soft skills..
    Basically v have to sell ourselves in d market..n how beautifully v can sell ourselves dat matters ..
    It will also help me in ma dentistry profession. ..most of d things i do..but ur informations r simply great. .
    I love ur line..”be happy kp smiling count ur blessings” it will spread postive vibes around!!
    दुनियाँ में सबसे तेज रफ्तार दुवाओं की होती हैं जो जुबान तक पहुँचने से पहले ही ईश्वर तक पहुँच जाती है।।।।।।……..

    1. Dr.neelam

      Kp writing n motivate others..god bless..

  11. RUMANA

    Hi beena
    Very nice article written by you keep it up , I m so proud of u.

  12. Kamal Gwalani
    Kamal Gwalani says:

    Nice article ??

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