Namo Namo Namah!!

Namo Namo Namah!!

Hello All, hope you all are doing well? Today I would like to talk about the real hero of our country, Mr Narendra Modi. Today because of him, I can say, I am proud to be an Indian. I was planning to write about him since long, finally today I am penning down my views, and I feel immense pleasure to write this article. Thanks a lot Mr Modi, the work which you are doing is far from our thinking. There is no introduction required for him. A little school going kid is also aware of, who is the PM of our country.


Almost all of us have big dreams to fulfill, we keep on thinking I will do this, I will do that. How many of us seriously work upon the dreams and fulfill them? Only few of us right? Modi ji is one of them. And let me clear, his dream is not to make money, neither to live in a massive palace, nor to eat in 5 star hotels. His ultimate dream and goal is to develop India. Most of us agree on this, Right?

What not he has done for us? Since May 2014, he is continuously working day and night. He actually defines the meaning of a Leader.  By showcasing his skills, by his non stop activities he has narrated what is the exact role of a Prime Minister.


However we, what are we doing? We are complaining, this is not good, this is bad, streets are not clean, stations are not clean, people are not educated, and who is responsible for all this? We or Mr Modi?  Is it not our responsibility to keep the surroundings clean, is it not our duty to follow the rules which the Government asks us to follow.

I would say, indeed there is improvement; the mind set of people is changing.  People think of throwing the waste in dustbins, people are smart now, following swachh bharat abhiyaan..  This is a great step. But frankly speaking some of us are careless, not at all thinking about our betterment.  Just ignoring whatever is happening.

Since 2014 till today, are we finding any change in India? Is this country improved? Is this became the better place to live? Of course Yes, because of whom? Mr. Modi is the first prime minister who has taken big steps. We read jokes about his foreign trips, right? Who other than Modi ji can convince the foreign authorities to deal with India.  As of July 2016, Mr Modi completed 51 foreign trips as a Prime Minister of India across 42 countries to strengthen Indian diplomatic relations. Who else can do this?  Is it not amazing?


I can go on and on writing about this living legend. The infinite steps which he climbed up in mere 2 years, and he has took India altogether to another level. Some of the major steps are : He started with monthly radio program Mann ki baat, then Skill India Mission, he introduced Make in India,  he also liberalized the FDI policies –  the impact was so powerful that in September 2015 India was the world’s top foreign direct investment destination overtaking China and USA, he worked on government bureaucracy, then he launched 100 smart cities scheme,  then came Beti bachao , beti padhao, then came Pradhan mantri fasal bima yojana, Pradhan mantri Jan dhan yojana, Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan,  he launched Digital India program and many more.

Wake up guys, only one person or just a team cannot take responsibility for whole nation. We should support them to achieve the goals which they visualized Ultimately that is for our benefit, our better future.


Now, I would like to throw some light on the strategies which he implements, those should be imbibed in every leader.

  • Better understanding of roles and responsibilities: we all are working in different profession, but some of us even don’t know about our actual role. PM has I guess studied well about PM roles, he is fully aware of what are his duties. Even he is doing lot more then what is required.
  • Analytical skills: PM is analyzing the situation very well, all the aspects are well considered, be it related to schemes for farmers, for education,  for development and growth of nation, he is focusing on all aspects for overall development.  So we, as leaders should always have sharp analytical skills.
  • Economical facts and figures: On a lighter note, I would like to say, a person who is already an economist, failed to visualize about the economic growth of our country. PM Modi, broke all the predefined norms, he took the step forward and worked day and night to make things even better.
  • No false commitments: This is a quality of a leader, who does not promote the false commitment for anything. He only promises whatever he can do in a particular span of time. Certainly PM Modi is perfect example of a perfect leader, what he says is what he does.
  • Believe in yourself: this plays an important role, where a person has big and small goals to achieve. He has to be confident and should have a strong believe on himself, his inner voice should say, Yes, I can do this, like Mr Modi say, I will change India soon.


So guys, these are the strategies which he is using to develop our country. These strategies are helpful for us too. We can plan our work in a better way, considering above points.

As we all are aware that before the role of PM, Mr Modi,  served as a Chief Minister of Gujarat, where in his 13 years of tenure,  he almost transformed Gujarat,  that’s why even today Gujaratis favor him a lot. Because they are aware of his working style. And he became CM for three times consequently.

Now I would like to conclude by once again expressing my Gratitude towards him. Thank you PM. And now the hottest topic is demonetization – a step to cease the existence of black money and corruption. I just want to say a person has done something big, which was the need of the hour.


Our mobiles are flooded with massages since 08th Nov night. People are going crazy.  But just a small question, please tell me is this a wrong move? Now Mr Modi and his team is at one side and all the other parties, AAP, Congress, other opposition parties are at other side.  I can surely say internally all must be aware that Modi has taken a correct decision. But they just can’t agree because they are against his party.

People are suffering every day, still for the first time, we all are happy while suffering. Because we know this is for our better future.

So this is just a start guys, many more changes to come.  Let us all promise ourselves that we all will fulfill our duty for nation.

Bharat Mata ki Jai!! Namo Namo Namah!!

Be happy, keep smiling, Count your blessings!

Beena Himthani

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  1. Gulshan

    Great Article Beena, the articles written by you are inspiring, unique and always keep the reader interested and engaged through out. A man with clear vision is our PM Narendra Modi, India will achieve greater development and progress under PM Narendra Modi’s leadership.

    1. Beena

      Thanks a lot sir.. Your words means a lot..

  2. Nidhika srow
    Nidhika srow says:

    well done beena

  3. Aditi

    Well described… Very nice

  4. Avinash

    Very interesting.. well articulated.

  5. Sachin

    Well explained..Keep it Up.

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