My Monday Musings

My Monday Musings

While growing up, I am asked the same question which was asked to all of us. The question of one’s calling and passion. When I get my free time, I am always dreaming about all the possible lives I can live. Being a kid at heart, I wish to have  multiple lives within my limited life. A day filled with extensive strength training and seeing faces of enthusiastic students around me, having a mug of Irish coffee and an Urdu poetry book by side of my cute notepad and colored pens, getting ready for the shoot of my video diaries, exploring the unexplored piece of land with handful of people living there , getting a hair strand on my top and examining it in my Forensic lab to a day when I will be playing football with the dogs and kids around me.

My heart turns so optimistic when I think about all this and many more lives that I can choose to live. Just like each day we write a new chapter, wish we could get to experience various lives in the single book of life. While many of you would suggest that it is all possible, but there are limitations of time. Beyond time, there is another limitation of acceptance too. None of us has seen ourselves as a multifaceted professionals in numerous fields.

This also makes me doubt whether there is actually free will or not. If we were all blessed with free will, then all such dreams would not have been a dream in first place. Also, are these dreams purely mine or impressed on my mind with so many undercurrents and forces that we all are surrounded with.

Whatever these weird dreams of mine maybe, they are one of those thoughts which keep all other useless things at bay. Getting drenched in such beautiful thoughts make me look up to so many role models in various industry and learn from all those inspirational figures.

To the one who is reading this, you too have been my source of motivation and bringing love and light in my life. I cant thank you enough but I wish to just say one thing to all of us. As a human being, we are beyond what we believe about ourselves and therefore put restrictions on ourselves. Let your strengths and passion unfold and create magic.

Twist your own magical wands , dearest magicians and unfold the gifts inside you.

Love always

PS-I would love to hear from you. God bless us all.


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