Missing My Heartbeat

Missing My Heartbeat

Those crying little cute eyes

told me some sweet lies

Just for not going to school

but was excited for heading towards

Swimming pool


Those big tears from his eyes

which left me in surprise

he deliberately pulled me down

and begin to frighten and frown


His silence was saying no mumma no

today please do not let me go

I thought it was his stupidity

but it was my foolishness and



I slapped my tiny prince

as it was hard for me to convince

he wept and stepped into the bus

I was unknown that it was the last

meeting of us


As the phone rang , i picked it up

and those words of principal jilted me fed up

that the school bus met an accident

police will inform us soon they will get an



Me and my husband rushed off to school

meanwhile ,i considered myself a big fool

all other parents were shouting over there

as the innocent lives were recklessly injured

brought up here


My baby was nobody among them and nowhere

but I did not lose hope as he was my strong player

soon a news came which stuck our mind and heart

our son was died in that fish and went




It was unbelievable as i never left him alone

how can he go away without even making a tone?

I punished myself for sending him to the death

what made me so cruel to take his crying just a




-Komal Chandnani

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