Minimalism and the Art of Time Management

Minimalism and the Art of Time Management

Since my childhood, I have heard from so many sources that Time Management is very crucial for one, no matter who he or she is. And I cannot deny the fact that I have had a very hard time managing my time. You must have also heard about maintaining a time table or write a ‘To-Do List’ in your journal to save time, which increases one’s efficiency and effectiveness of the task. No points for guessing, that I tried all that stuff and failed not once but many times.

So in this little article, I’ll try to cover that what the heck is minimalism and how it is connected with this evergreen concept of time management.

First things first, let’s try to understand what is Minimalism? Don’t worry, I will not give you a definition copied from the websites of the west blabbering about Minimalism a concept originated from the west. I will just write what I feel about this.

Minimalism is something that physically makes you survive on the least resources possible and spiritually it makes your existence lighter.

By the definition, when I say that it makes you survive fewer resources, I mean to say that there are no extra clothes in your closet which you don’t wear anymore or which doesn’t fit you anymore. There are no extra pens and pencils in your pen holder. There are no unused files  (Audio, Video, or images) on your mobile phone. There are no unread and unattended Emails in your Inbox. There are no idiotic pages followed on your Facebook profile.

One of the most time-consuming tasks of every one of us is to stand in front of our closet every morning and think about what I should wear to the office. The reason is very simple because our closet is un-managed and filled with lots and lots of clothes, which we don’t wear anymore, we have actually forgotten what’s actually there in my closet. Our own habit of accumulating things and attachment to them is making our daily chores slow and time-consuming, also it is also digging a hole in our respective pockets.

Have we ever thought that why are we spending a large chunk of our monthly income on clothes and other accessories? The answer is very simple. We believe that we are judged by the clothes and watches we wear at a party instead of the way we express ourselves in a party. As we have discussed in our earlier posts, our clothes, gadgets, and accessories are not our identity.

So there are certain not-so-easy but amazing ways to save time by adopting a minimalist way of living:-

  1. Every Sunday try to invest at least 15 minutes in managing your closet.
  2. Make a list of clothes which you don’t need anymore and then – Donate them.  (Or you can also sell them. There are certain websites that help you in finding buyers for your clothes. Though I haven’t tried them yet.)
  3. Understand the difference between needs and wants. Needs are of utmost importance for one’s well being but unnecessary wants can fill your life with hell lot of physical and mental clutter.
  4. Don’t think about what other people will say if you repeat clothes often. It is you who have to pay for your clothes, not them.So my dear minimalist, these steps are time-consuming at first but trust me, it will save a lot of your time in the long run.

    So, I’ll see you next week then.

    Om Shanti:
    Love, Laughter, and Peace
    Himanshu R Nagpal
    Edited By:- Geetika Nagpal



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