Minimalism and Greed

Minimalism and Greed

From a couple of weeks, we are talking about De-Cluttering and managing your shelf, taking care of your social media accounts by unfollowing unrequired pages, and so on. But till now we haven’t talked about why is this magical word “De-cluttering” entered our dictionary as well as in our lives? The answer is extremely simple – Greed. Yes, this five-letter word is running innumerable economies, giving billions and billions of dollars of revenue to many organizations and ruling the world.
Have you ever gone to some supermarket to buy a single product, Let’s say you went to buy a jar of peanut butter? While looking for peanut butter, you came across innumerable products displayed on various shelves, classified beautifully. Now you just realized that there is an offer of on a pack of soft drinks – an attractive offer of ‘Buy two, get one free’. You picked up a basket and attractively put the pack of soft drinks into it.
Now walking towards the shelf where peanut butter is displayed, a young man smiled at you and come up with an unbeatable scheme on room freshener. You suddenly realized that last time there was no such scheme on room fresheners. You quickly poured a couple of sprays down the throat of your basket.
After buying ten-odd products you finally reach in front of the shelf of Peanut Butter and then walk to the billing kiosk. You smartly take out your credit card and paid for all that stuff.
The question that arises here is, do we require these many products?
Greed has conquered our whole system. The more we accumulate the more we feel safe, happy as well as presentable. The prices ending with lots and lots of number 9 are taking its toll on us for so long. The word ‘Sale’ gives us unmatchable happiness.
And then when our home is filled with lots and lots of unwanted material, we read hell lot of articles regarding de-cluttering your home and watch videos regarding arranging the stuff properly in our homes.
The source of all problem is greed. It makes us do all that accumulating stuff unconsciously which avoided by you consciously. So, my dear friends, let’s wrap up this article with little quick tips to conquer greed and makes us stay stick to our minimalism journey.

1)Don’t run behind the conspiracy of the number 9. When the price of something ends with 9, there’s a lot of psychology hidden behind it. That’s the reason it’s called psychological pricing.
2) The word ‘Sale’ gives you a sense of hurry to buy this or buy that whether required or not. We need o to understand that it is a way of converting one’s dead stock into cash.
3) Make a genuine list of what’s required and what’s not. Don’t try to skip that list no matter how much that product cost.

Om Shanti:
Love, Laughter, and Peace
Himanshu R Nagpal
Edited by:- Geetika Nagpal

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