In the world full of male and linguistic chauvinism,I have come across my new type of chauvinism and that is mathematical chauvinism.

According to Merriam Webster, chauvinism refers to excessive or prejudiced support for one’s own cause. It is often believed that these are unreasonable beliefs of an individual.
“Maths nahi padhi, toh kya padha?” , ” Beta, Maths main toh 100/100 marks aate hai!” , “Manushreya, why did you leave Maths after 5 months and it would have been a cakewalk for you.” , ” Babe, Maths ke bina life main scope nahi hai.” etc etc. 
The next time you hear something like this, congratulations, you have successfully been victimised by a  maths chauvinist. These people have a potential of making you believe that you are useless if you don’t love Maths the same way they do.
Often, the common sense believes that if you are kinda studious, Maths is in your genes. And to make it worst, even our systems discriminate us on the basis of Maths. Sadly, people fail to understand  that Maths is just another subject.
And no, don’t confuse Maths chauvinists with Maths lovers and legends in Maths. Maths lovers support all those who face difficulty in the subject, motivate those who are a little fuzzy and be patient even when they ask what is the square of 39. The stalwarts help people develop the much needed interest in the subject by providing them their thorough understanding and insights.
While my concept of Maths chauvinism may draw a lot of criticism, but the fact is, we all have faced or seen someone being victimised.
Even I wanted to challenge myself by studying Maths without having a reason behind why I wanted to study it. Simply because it was assumed that Humanities with Maths, Commerce with Maths have more value over their counterparts excluding Maths. It took me such a long time to accept the fact that maybe I am not meant for Maths, there are things other than Maths at which I am impeccable at and above all, life goes on with or without Maths.
Love always


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