Make it Simple Silly

Make it Simple Silly

Most of us are sitting at home during this lockdown period and must be thinking that when can we finally go out and carry on with our daily activities. Most of us might be getting sick of those funny, yet idiotic tik-tok videos or those silly forwarded messages, which are making fun of this whole situation. But my dear friends, don’t you think that whatever is happening is somewhat is the result of our own deeds? Our Lifestyle was so darn fast that nature was not able to tolerate more. And this is nothing but nature’s warning that we need to slow down. We need to stop for a while a need some time for self-reflection. We need to understand that there is no point in accumulating things and filing our drawers and shelves with the stuff which we rarely use.  As it was once said, “It is enough in this world for everyone’s need but not enough for anyone’s greed.”

So my dear ones, I’m starting with this little series of articles through which you can simplify your life.

Now let’s start with the understanding that what is the actual meaning of this simplification of life.

Simplification of life is nothing but a natural state of being. It focuses mainly on understanding your wants without compromising your requirements. In other words, it’s a gesture of love towards the other beings residing with us on this planet as well as learning to love ourselves.”

Let’s break the definition now and try to understand it more deeply.

  • It’s a Natural state of being

Since we were born, we started accumulating whatever life threw at us. Be it the way we talk or the way we walk, most of our gestures are accumulated. Our Subconscious mind is busy with recording the stuff which we see and we listen to. But when we talk about the natural state of being, we are talking about what’s genuinely ours. To simplify our lives we need to know ourselves inside out. We need to de-clutter those gestures, those emotions, those ideas which we have copied from someone else. Before proceeding in our respective lives, we need to know who we really are.

  • Understanding Wants without Compromising requirements

Let’s learn a basic statement of Simple Living – ‘Less is Always More’.  Though I would like to talk about this concept in my future blog posts, For now, let’s try to understand that de-cluttering doesn’t mean that you should sell off everything and live your life like a monk. I’m sorry, no hard feelings for monks, but I haven’t lived that life so I’m not in the correct situation to talk about that life. Every person has certain dreams and requirements. One must think big and work hard towards achieving it. But bigger goals should never contradict your basic personality. In the process of achieving goals, one should not become someone who they are not. So the essence of simple living is the concentrated point between wants and requirements.

  • The gesture of Love towards other Beings

This is the high time that we should genuinely understand that the resources on this planet are limited. No matter how much money we have in our banks or how many cars we own, we should always think about consuming as few resources as possible so that we can offer it to other people. So, Its high time to show some love to our neighbors, to our friends, to the animals around us, so that everyone can use those resources. There is another important statement I want to introduce here regarding the topic – “Sharing is Caring”.


  • Learning to Love Ourselves

My dear friends, there is a tried and tested thumb rule. Though it took me a hell lot of time to learn this concept, and I’m still learning. So sit back, relax, and try to understand this. It is completely impossible to love others without loving ourselves. That’s the thumb rule. You can’t love/care of/ Respect others without first loving /caring for/ respect yourself. When we shed off what’s not belongs to us, we come to that point where we can reach the person who we really are. And that person is holy. That person is lovable.

So my dear friends, let’s start this journey of making our life simple and worth living. Let’s try to learn a lesson from this pandemic that one should stop for a while and devote some time to think that what we are doing and why we are doing it.

I’ll be coming up with more ideas to make our lives simple and happy. Let’s join hands and try to make this world a better place to live in.

And Here’s a bonus post for you 🙂

Om Shanti:

Love, laughter, and peace

Himanshu R Nagpal

Edited by Geetika Nagpal

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