Magic of Forgiving Others

Magic of Forgiving Others

Forgiveness is a strong word or gesture. It is an art; it is not easy to do. It is rightly said that you do not forgive someone, because he deserves it, you forgive someone because you deserve peace”. When you forgive someone you give an end to violation. We all know that nobody is prefect, mistakes can occur at any point of time by anyone. However, it is up to us how we want to react.


There are many books written on this topic “The magic of forgiveness”. The essence of all is more or less same, it is a great feeling when you forgive anybody. If you are a parent and your child committed a mistake, you want to punish him, so that he could not repeat the same mistake. But after sometime when you get calm, your heart says “I should give a second chance to him, should not punish him”. And you Forgive. That feeling gives you peace. When you come across somebody to whom you have hard talks, and suddenly feel troubled and distressed, the best solution to get rid of this feeling is Forgiveness. It may be problematic for you to forget the past and forgive that person. However, it will create happiness deep inside your heart.

Recently I was reading one blog online, on this Topic, after reading that blog I felt like writing about it. It inspired me. And after reading it, trust me I was not able to sleep. I recalled about all the persons who so ever hurt me in my life span. I was thinking and thinking, and finally I decided to forgive each of them, so that I can feel free with no grudges and hard feelings any more. Truly it is a magic.


The blog was written by “Mr. Brian Tracy, the topic was “How to let go: Four people you must forgive to move forward”. It was beautifully elucidated; I could connect my life with that blog. He said “you should firstly Forgive your parents, for every mistake they ever made in bringing you up. Rather you should be grateful to them as they gave you this life.” Does it make sense? We all have these small grudges with our parents, for example, one person says, I am angry with my parents because they did not spent quality time with me, they were busy all the time; second one says I am angry with my parents because they didn’t buy me bicycle, third has some other complaint. Forgive them for all your complaints, get yourself free from these hard feelings, invite peace in your life.

As per him, “the second person you should forgive is the person very close related to your marriage or relationship, which did not work out.” I understand how difficult it may be to forgive a person who deeply hurt you. However, if you think other way around, you can think that you are at least partially responsible for whatever happened. If yes, then excuse that person. You just admit it in your mind that I am forgiving you because I was also responsible. Does it sound good? May be while reading it, you are feeling the same, as I was feeling, the memories are again fresh in your mind, and you are planning to forgive that person. If you do, it will be an achievement for me too.


According to Mr. Brian, the third person you must forgive is everyone else who has ever hurt you in anyway. Be it your boss, your friend, your relative or your servant. You just say in your mind, “I forgive him/her for everything, I wish him/her well.” Trust me after doing this exercise you will feel incredibly peaceful. Try it once for me at least.

And the fourth person you must forgive is “Yourself”. Is it easy? I guess No. All of us has done something which is indefensible, but still we can again think with a different angle. Accept that you were not the same person when you committed this mistake, you were less experienced. Just say, “I forgive myself for every mistake I ever made. I am a thoroughly good person and I am going to have a wonderful future.”  Does it seem like a magic?


Guys, I am writing this article again for your well being, it gives me peace when the people after reading my article compliment and say it is helpful. If you really feel the same. please try to follow this, and please tell me whom you have forgiven.

Remember life is too short to hold hard feelings for anyone. Love yourself, love people around you. Help them when they are in problem. Feel grateful every day. You are very influential, empower yourself by thinking that I have the power to forgive. Trust me it is not an easy task.


I have read one book “The Magic of Forgiveness” written by “Dada J.P.Vaswani”, it is a great learning for all of us. It says “To err is human, to forgive is divine”. Please read if you get time. If you can forgive someone it means you are benevolent. You think of well-being for other and for yourself.

So guys, just take 2 minutes of yours and think about it. I am grateful to you to read this. Thanks.

Be happy, keep smiling, count your blessings!!

Beena Himthani

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