Love your Life!!

Love your Life!!

Love your Life!!

Are you thankful to God for giving you this life? Are you seriously enjoying your life? If yes, then you are on the correct track. Life is indeed beautiful. It is full of experiences. Each day you face a new challenge and these challenges help you to grow. However, we have a tendency to complaint for everything. I don’t have beautiful house, I don’t have big car, I don’t have money, we complaint for all materialistic things. But do we have peace in life? Jealousy is over flooded inside us, when we see any of our friend or neighbor who bought something expensive, immediately we start cursing ourselves. Why I don’t have the same thing?


We read many thoughts for positive attitude, staying happy, but do we really follow that? Are we implementing that positivity inside us? The answer is NO. Whenever we read something positive or we watch any show which is inspirational, for few minutes it changes our life. We suddenly get happy and start thinking positive. But as soon as the hangover of that positive dose goes down, we come on the original track.


Every day in the newspaper we read about 80% bad news and about 20% good news. And in an indirect way we are only responsible for these bad news, agree or not? Mostly every day we read about someone’s suicide. Guys, understand the value of your life. It is not for giving to an end. It is about living beautifully. We can always overcome the problems. But we accept the failure.

I want to share a small story here:
Once upon a time there was a guy, his name was Manav, he was the only son in the family. He was very studious and was famous as a topper in his locality. At the time of his board exams in 10th class, he got ill, for many days he was suffering from Pneumonia. His exams did not go well. He got depressed. On the day of result he was very scared, he scored only 55% (second division) in his board exam. Everybody in the family got shocked, despite of encouraging him, they criticized him. Manav expected that his parents will understand that he was ill, and was not able to prepare well.
However, his parents scolded him, they said everybody in the society commenting them that their son has got such a low score. He could not handle the situation, and thought about committing suicide. When he was about to jump from the bridge into the river, suddenly his childhood friend Sheena reached at the spot. She shouted “what are you doing Manav?” He said: please do not interfere, just go from here. She said “Okay, your wish, I will go. But just think about the childhood when we used to play together, you always became Engineer in the game and I acted as Doctor. Your dream of becoming Engineer will never come true. Sorry, I am disturbing you, go go jump.
He was standing still, and thinking about his childhood games. Then Sheena interrupted again “Manav, by the way what about your parents, you are the only son no? So you do not have any responsibility towards them, will they be happy to know that their son was so coward that because of these stupid scores he ended his precious life? Tell me Manav, do you have any answer?
“Manav this is just a matter of your marks in this class? There are many more challenges to come into your life? You are accepting the failure. You don’t want to show people, that you are strong enough and you will score good in next class. Exams and studies are just part of life, and your parents, your family, they gave you existence in this world. And you are giving this as return gift to them?” Sheena continued “Enough of gyaan Manav, you carry on, will miss you.” Bye bye. Enjoy your suicide.
Sheena’s harsh words sting like needle in his heart. He started crying and get back to home. He was guilty on his thought of committing suicide. And he started studying with determination again. He started loving his life. He was thankful to Sheena. She gave him a new life. Here there is a moral for Parents too, please try to understand situation of your child. If you thinking only about your dignity, it may lead to a big loss for you.


People, please accept the circumstances with positivity. Success comes after failures. We have many effective personalities in our country, who inspire us every day. Think about our own PM Mr. Narendra Modi, Mr. Abdul Kalam, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Ms. Lata Mangeshkar, Ms. Saina Mehwal, Mr. Ratan Tata, Mr. Narayan Murthy, Mr. Tiger Tyagarajan and many more. All these people achieved immense success, how? They love their life. They accept challenges. They look forward to grow with never give up attitude.

See, most of us have read the famous book “the Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. It is based on Law of Attraction. It really works. Just to apply simple formula, imagine and visualize the things what you want. You can attract anything and everything. Be it money, be it good health, be it success. It totally depends upon your thoughts. Positive thoughts will lead to positivity; negative thoughts will attract negativity. When you start imagining that I want this, the universe will start working in your favour, stay positive and receive the thing you thought for. Is it simple?

“Agar aap kisi ko shiddat se chahte ho to Sari Kaaynat aapko us se milaane me lag jati hai…”


It is my pleasure today to write these things and convey my experience to you. I was full of negativity at some point of time. Sometimes it seemed that I will never be happy, I was facing issues in terms of job, relationships, money. And today I can say I am the happiest person. The only change is I started Loving my life. Challenges are still there but my thoughts have changed. My way of tackling with situations changed, every morning I feel I am growing and heading towards my dreams.

So guys, it is never too late, positivity can do miracles. Start loving your life, only you can make your life beautiful, nobody else can do. Say Thanks to God every day when you wake up, it will give you strength. Don’t be jealous, you should have power to achieve whatever you want. Do not underestimate your power.
Human beings are most powerful creatures. Think about your achievements, and accept the fact that you have to achieve much more things. Life is worth living when you have positive people around you. So think positive and encourage others to stay happy. If you are able to make a person smile every day, then you are successful. Set targets, work hard and expect that the Universe will help you to receive that. It is rightly said “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”. Follow this, your eyes are the precious gift of God, utilize your visual power. Start looking life with a different angle, look at the good side, appreciate people who are doing good things, stop looking for mistakes, stop criticising others. smile a lot, you will become more beautiful and attractive.

Whenever you feel low, talk to a person who encourages you to laugh. Start attracting all the positive things towards you, life will automatically bring you good things you deserve. So guys, I am expecting this article will help you to attract happiness and peace.

Be happy, keep smiling, count your blessings!!

Beena Himthani

8 thoughts on “Love your Life!!

  1. Dr.neelam

    Awesome bhabhi jaan..☺☺☺postivity attracts positivity..i have also experienced all d things..which u have written..???
    U r telling d secret to d world..great..
    Be good do good..
    Be positive think positive do positive☺☺
    God bless u..
    May u earn lots of blessings ☺☺

  2. Aditi

    Well written ….



  4. Dolly

    Very well written
    Keep updating with your beautiful thoughts

  5. Gulshan Hemrajani
    Gulshan Hemrajani says:

    Beena, the article is quite motivating! Well written- It’s all about being positive in every situation of life thereby achieving the desired outcome

  6. Gulshan Hemrajani
    Gulshan Hemrajani says:

    Beena, the article is quite motivating! Well said- It’s all about being positive in every situation of life thereby achieving the desired outcome

  7. Kamal Gwalani
    Kamal Gwalani says:

    Good article. Very thought provoking

  8. Shilpa

    No words…. Well written

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