Love in the time of technology

Love in the time of technology

Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well. Its been a year since I first tried a blog marathon comprising of series of letters to various people and things. Today, I am back with another blog marathon. Hope you will enjoy reading this post and the upcoming blogs.

It is April 1, fool’s day for some, National Poetry Writing Month for some whereas a new Financial¬† Year for some. April 1 has always been special because the new session used to start. New notebooks, books, teachers and a new class had its own craze. We all miss our heavy bags and light days of childhood.

As childhood ends, we enter into adolescence and adulthood. The beginning is marked by both physiological and psychological changes but the best way to realise the beginning is falling in love, having numerous unattainable crushes and learning so much from love and its apparent failures.

Love has not spared anybody. It is the most powerful force that guides us. Love was in the home-cooked food by mother, reading a letter from a long distance friend, having no phones but talking to the girlfriend on the common landline using code language.

Technology has changed our definition of love. Now it is all about the instagrammable goals and feeds filled with pictures of each other, sending voice notes, doing video calls while travelling and so much more.


Here are my three poems on LOVE IN THE TIME OF TECHNOLOGY:-




Leaving you with another poem by my favourite, Kaifi Sahab. It is about love in those days.

See you in the next post.


Love, Manushreya


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