Locking lives, Unlocking talents

2020 was expected to be a year of surprises. The twelve month period, slated to evolve into a new decade began with a lot of promise. Only the coming days could reveal a suspenseful gripping tale, without any foreseeable conclusion. COVID-19 began casting an evil eye on the entire nation towards the middle of March 2020, with a series of lockdowns announced and an unexpected set of life changing moments.

Weekdays and Weekends were things of the past. So were travel, dining out, shopping, hanging out with friends and a couple of other activities. The world has shifted online, and majorly everyone’s at home. The initial announcement, construed as an unanticipated rejuvenation raised the excitement. The joy was evident. But as time elapsed, the virus displayed it’s ugly side. Not only did it take lives, jobs and happiness, it instilled a massive fear among all.

A famous proverb rightly says, ‘Necessary is the mother of invention’, and yes, the lockdown transformed perspectives. The hidden talents, often snubbed in the fast paced world, soon began hogging the limelight. With online avenues explored, the world was in every electronic communicable device. Attending Webinars, hosting competitions, learning several things, all happening from our respective homes. That’s when we realised, we have some really good hidden talents around us.

Cooks, Counsellors, Painters, Singers, Writers, Dancers Organisers, Planners, Activists, Motivational speakers, IT geniuses and counting. This lockdown gave us all. Never ever have we learnt to use technology with ease. Yes, the bad side is clearly evident. But focusing on the positives, makes our lives better.

On a concluding note, this phase has widely exhibited everyone’s hidden talents. It’s time to convert these into life changing opportunities. Thanking all corona warriors for their tireless painstaking efforts in making our existence sustainable.

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