Life in a Nutshell!

Life in a Nutshell!

A blog written by Jaya Tahalwani

Posted by Beena Himthani

After Love, if there is any word which has most intrigued any sensitive being, that is definitely ‘Life’. Life has been called a journey, a mystery, an ocean of feelings and emotions, a wave with lots of ups and downs. For me life is sum of all this and a lot more but if you want to define life in a nutshell- it is defined by your desire to live. We have seen the CEOs of top most companies, dying in their 50s and we have seen people who have struggled all their life living upto 90s so why the disparity? It is their desire to live and struggle and accept life as it comes to them rather expecting too much and getting drowned in depression and anxiety.

So let’s make a few rules to be happy and enjoy a fulfilling life. First and foremost rule is not wait for big things in life to be happy. Try to find happiness in a child’s smile, dancing to your favorite tune or just cooking a new dish. We waste a lot of time waiting for big moments in life to be happy instead of enjoying hundreds of small moments which we go through without smiling at them and just waiting for that big hike letter to arrive.

Second rule is don’t expect others to make you happy in life. Your happiness and your life is only and only your responsibility. Take charge of your life. Make a bucket list of things and activities that make you happy and try ticking them off one by one. Love without expectations but never let anyone hurt your self-respect. Let go off old resentments as by thriving on old memories you are restricting yourself from creating new memories and giving somebody else the power to control your happiness.

Third rule is to look and feel beautiful. It is not about color of your skin or the choice of your dresses. It is the smile of contentment and confidence which makes you beautiful. Life will throw a lot of mess at you but the idea is to come out of it neat and clean and more beautiful than you ever were. Don’t let the ill feelings and small mentality of others affect you. You will be judged for whatever you do but the beauty of your heart and mind will raise you above all this.

Fourth rule is to try to travel to new places as much as possible. Travel widens your horizons and saves you from being that famous frog in the well. Meeting new people, sharing their life experiences, being a part of various cultures gives a you a feeling of liberation and make you feel that your worries are so meagre as compared to this grand big world. Trying new food and interacting with people from different backgrounds gives you the idea of the variety available in this world and makes you appreciate your surroundings more.

And finally the last rule-Never give up. All of us have heard the story of Yuvraj Singh as he was that blue eyed boy of cricket at one time. Suddenly he lost all the name and fame and was on the hospital bed with cancer. At one moment he was hitting six sixes in one over and another moment he was incapable of holding the bat. But he came out of all this and again became one of the highest paid cricketers. What was it that helped him to get through this difficult time? Only his will power and the family support. Life is never fair and easy. So instead of asking ‘Why me’, please use that very clichéd term and say ‘Try me’.

So life in a nutshell is what you make out of it. It will throw roses and thorns both at you and it is only you who can smell the roses and bear the pain of thorns to make yourself stronger and better version of yourself. So guys and girls—GO FOR IT!!! And achieve whatever you want but at the same time be happy and content as your achievements will never be sufficient and there will be always be somebody more successful than you, earning a higher salary, owning a bigger car or having a more beautiful girlfriend but at the end of the day, does all this matter if you are not happy from within? Life will happen to you!! Just believe in God and count your blessings every single day.

– By Jaya Tahalwani

8 thoughts on “Life in a Nutshell!

  1. Mukul Pathak
    Mukul Pathak says:

    very well written article

  2. Krishna Rao
    Krishna Rao says:

    Good one. This had come from your heart by practicing mentioned 4 rules to lead a good life.

  3. Sameet

    Jaya, a very well written blog. Looking forward to reading more of yr blogs.

  4. Manu

    Gud one jaya

  5. Rashmi Kumari
    Rashmi Kumari says:

    Very well written…touchy and motivating you …keep posting…waiting for next

  6. Manushreya Sharma

    Hi Jaya Didi. Just loved your article, was full of enthusiasm and light. Here’s wishing you happy writing. Hope to see you in our CV family. Love and light.❤

  7. Arvind

    Very nice artical ….Five rules of beautiful life, practical and comprehensive writing. My favourite is rule # 2, rather than looking happiness outside, lets do some introspection.

  8. Himanshu R Nagpal
    Himanshu R Nagpal says:

    The way you have classified in the rules is just outstanding. You made me realise that how de-cluttered our life is and we are making it cluttered unnecessarily. It’s a great write-up.
    You started your article with “After love” if there’s something, it’s life. So, I’m quite sure that you can write about an article on love too. 🙂 Do write more, we are always open for this kind of quality content.

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