Letter To Zindagi

Letter To Zindagi

Hi guys. I hope you all are doing well with God’s amazing grace. So, here comes my fourth letter in the series to dearest life. Hope you all enjoyed the last posts in the series. And I am eternally indebted to the love that I am getting. You all mean a lot to me. Here it is. Happy reading.


Dear Zindagi

Thank you for being a riddle that I had always wanted to solve really hard. And now that I have started to know you better, I have stopped looking for all those infinite answers which lie within me and not on those walls and ceilings that I stare, people who come and go or the places that I travel.

I can’t actually thank you enough for teaching me lessons at a really early age starting from how to choose my friends wisely to choose or rather make my own path. It is you who have seen me both falling and flying. It is because of you that I don’t fear things ,anymore,that used to fear me earlier be it losing a loved one to still smiling while I fall endless number of times.

You know, I was actually stupid when I felt that there is no God or destiny. It was you who proved me wrong for my greater good itself.

It is you who gave me a life within a life and blessed me with literally everything. Had you need been here, I doubt my very own existence.

Thank you for always being on my side always despite me blaming the fate and still saving me. Life, I now know, you are too short and too sweet to live. Bring us all the days filled with love and light. Let each day be a celebration of my existence.

Love you dearest and precious Zindagi aka prana

Your crazy daughter

PS- Dearest Readers
Today, I just wish to make you count your blessings instead of playing the blame game like we all do. It is only when these million blessings turn into a curse or taken away from us that we actually value them. Thank all those things, people, places, incidents and everything that made you who you are. Gratitude is the greatest human attitude. Keep counting your blessings and spread love.

Love and blessings to all of you.



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