Letter To Pen Friend

Letter To Pen Friend

Hi guys. What’s up? This is my last letter in the series of the ongoing blog marathon. I am really sorry for not uploading the blog yesterday owing to hectic schedule. Here comes my letter to my pen friends and a beautiful journey that I am witnessing. Happy reading.

Dearest Pen Pal

Hi. How are you? I miss you a lot. It has been a really long time that we have exchanged our thoughts and feelings together with each other. Thanks to our super fast and happening lives that we can’t find time for the things we love doing.

Today, I was thinking about how our journey began, how we met each other and became best friends. Life has been really kind for blessing me with you, the one who share a big place in my life and heart. Though, we have met once or we have not met and  never even meet in our lifetimes, what makes our bond special is the love, trust and affection that we carry. Things are really different with you. Thank you for being selfless and staying here with me to guide me through the darkest times.

I still have your post cards there with me, our chats pinned up in my phone and taking there backups frequently. You, your words, your presence and motivation has become a much needed thing now. You are simply an awesome creation and creator of happiness. A big virtual hug to you because you are so simply amazing.

I even wish to tell you that you are doing exceptionally well in your life and I am really proud of you. Keep shining and keep counting your blessings. It’s needless to say this now but I will still say it. Just like the Sun, the mountains, the clouds, I am always here for you no matter how far we are or how busy life may be. For you will always have your soul sister right there for you. Cheers to our friendship. Hope you are having a great time and everything is superb at home too. Waiting to see you soon. Take care. Kazillion wishes.

Your weirdo from another continent


Thank you guys for showering your love during the blog marathon. It was you who has kept me motivated and made it possible. See you soon with some magical words some other time too. Take care.

Yours and only yours


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