Letter To My Future Daughter

Letter To My Future Daughter

Hi guys. I have thought of starting a blog marathon today for the next five days. It’s going to be a series of letters to various people. Today, I am going to write a letter to my future daughter. I know, it sounds really funny but it’s a sheer product of imagination and creative thinking. Hope you would enjoy the blog marathon.

Dearest cutiepie

I know you would be actually laughing when I will tell you that I am writing a letter as a teen myself- barely sixteen years old with hell lot of immaturity. But you know what, it is the teenage where you actually need genuine advice. And rather than my serious lecture stuff, this letter would surely help you out in some way and you won’t have regrets like most of the people had in their lives. So here are my pro tips for you my darling, the apple of my eye. Hope, by now, you can understand how crucial it is to write something for you now.

1) Never get a phone and Internet at an early age. You would seriously regret growing up soon and wish to experience a lot of things if you weren’t cursed by the phone. It literally suck the elements of joy and surprises. I remember how I made my Facebook account in class 5, Whatsapp account in class 8, blog in class 9, Facebook page in class 10 and finally Instagram account in class 11. What happened in my case was that I literally got addicted to my phone- no not chatting, movies, music and stuff. I still don’t know what is there in my phone that made me glued to it.

2) Never waste your time especially in the name of studies like your egg head mom did. Learn to manage time and divide it wisely. Make sure you follow an awesome and fun filled daily routines like early morning walks, reading newspaper, eating good food and following your passion. Like I love writing, reading, watching EPIC, blogging and Salsa and Zumba. Sweetheart, study goes without saying too after all I am a mom too.

3) Your badass support system is always there for you. Your role models are very much at home. Spend great time with them and listen to their stories. My Grandparents are true rockstar. The love that they shower is the biggest blessing to me. I love my dadi’s way of managing her professional and personal life, how to stay happy and unaffected and yoga from dadu, how to be kind and strong from my nani and how to be a strong pillar by my nanu. Your nani and nanu are really inspiring by the way they deal with us and make sure that we get the best of both worlds. My sister has taught me how to be a chic and choose your friends wisely and my little brother has taught me how to be adorable yet a disaster to the world. My extended family of teachers, friends, relatives, cousins, mentors and readers have taught me how to love others selflessly and spread happiest around. They all have been my driving force. Learn from all those you come across and be grateful to them always.

4) Never settle for less in life. Don’t get satisfied with whatever comes your way. Strive hard to make only yourself happy and proud of your deeds. Because we all are really happy and blessed to see you where you are already. Don’t care about others feel about, you go ahead and mind your own business.

5) Love and heartbreaks are a part of life. Never run away from them. Wait for the right guy to come at the right time. Life is really unexpected and sweet. You really don’t know how and when  love and its pain will come in your life and shake you up. In this time, remember, it is really normal and controllable. And this best friend of yours know how brave you are to face it.

6) Self love is all you need. Loving others is important. But the one who loves his own self can only love others. Go crazy and wild but never regret. It is your smile that matters the most to all of us.

Once you would be done laughing, I would share a lot of anecdotes with you which even your nani doesn’t know. Are you excited to know your mom’s secrets?

Love and kisses

Your mom to be

PS- STAY TUNED TO THE BLOG MARATHON. Loads of love to all of you too. Share this letter with all the mom’s to be and moms of stubborn teen babes. Maybe this could be a great letter to share your anecdotes and have a great laugh.





4 thoughts on “Letter To My Future Daughter


    She would be lucky to have you!

    1. Manushreya Sharma
      Manushreya Sharma says:

      Awwww, that’s so sweet. Thanks bro. ❤

  2. Sanya Rana
    Sanya Rana says:

    Such wonderfully expressed❤️ Tbh your daughter will be lucky having such a dearie mother?

    1. Manushreya Sharma
      Manushreya Sharma says:

      Thank you darling. ❤

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