Letter To Millenials from another Millenial

Letter To Millenials from another Millenial

Letter to Millennials from another Millennial

Dear Millennials

Hi. What is up? I hope you are doing well. This letter might appear a little weird to you but trust me, you need to understand my pain behind writing this letter. Today let us actually introspect and see what we are doing and how our immaturity is a bane to our loved ones.


So dearest millennial, please grow up and stop demanding. You are at times too smart to be independent yet crave a lot of love and attention. While growing up, you have lost your essence. You doubt a lot, be it your own capabilities or the love that you get. You question the right things and blindly follow the devils.Do you even understand how it feels to be with you when you keep on cribbing? The reason why we are so indifferent and incapable of maintaining our relationships is that we don’t wish to listen at all. Neither do we know anything, nor we even wish to learn. This is what irks other people surrounding us. We just know to brag in front of people by flaunting whatever is bestowed upon us. We are literally the most unproductive people with hell lot of energies waiting to be channelized towards sustainable and healthy goals. I seriously wish if we too could one day date in the era without phones, whatsapp and instagram goals. If we too could sleep on the terraces during the starry nights and had people by us who genuinely loved us.

You are literally not fucked up, you have just imagined those stupid stuff in your head. You need to declutter it all and chill in the true sense. Stand still for a while, give everything a chance and look around for the real problems which need to be addressed and discovered too.

Dearie, if you seriously wish to get a life, understand to differentiate between what it is actually and what you feel about it. I seriously pray that we all understand that our pains of not getting a 100 or a Jaguar are not real in front of a stark reality. Become a little compassionate and kind towards those who are actually sinking deep down in the oceans unknown and waiting to find little bits of shores and islands. Keep counting your blessings and spread love and happiness. A big hug to you from another weirdo millennial. Let us rock together.

Love And Light


PS- Dearest Readers, hope you enjoy reading the second in the blog marathon. Do let me know in the comment section below. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Letter To Millenials from another Millenial

  1. Yesheshvi

    The blog amazes me, reading the blog creates up imagination in my mind and I start to think about the starry night and the *Instagram goals*
    All the best manushreya you are amazing ?

    1. Manushreya Sharma
      Manushreya Sharma says:

      Thank you so much di. Means a lot.❤

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