Letter To Bibliophiles

Letter To Bibliophiles

Hi guys. What’s up? This is a letter to all the booklovers to undergo the same feelings as I do. Happy reading.

Dear bibliophiles

Who else would love to read and appreciate this letter of mine. This one is really close to my heart and contain all my true feelings for books.

Books are indeed a blessing to the mankind. The first thing it teaches us is to overcome rather enjoy loneliness and spend some quality time with yourself. A book gives us a chance to dive as deep as we can to explore all the answers which are still unanswered.

My sympathies to all those who come across people saying that they don’t love reading and you really wish hard to punch them but you just cannot.

You know, I always saved my money to buy books, bookmarks and truckloads of stationery. The moment I get them home, I just can’t resist reading them. They make me feel so secure in some other land and I forget everything for a while.

The biggest regret that I have is not reading a book in one go owing to lots of tasks on my platter demanding my immediate attention. Thus, the book needs to be on the hold mode which is really annoying.

Recently, I visited my teacher’s place to discuss my result after 2 months. We then discussed the results to everything happening inside and outside me to exchanging sweets and chocolates.

I even got a great book to read which I have already reviewed on my instagram account- My Life, My Rules by Sonia Golani ma’am. Then, I also showed my recently published book- AURA OF LOVE to her. She was really happy to see the book and blessed me too. She even asked me to sign the book and write a note. To which, I laughed and told that I am still amateur. She still insisted to write something for her ,we would remember even after ages, something which would make both of us laugh. I then wrote a cute note for her and handed her the book. After all, I love her a lot and she is a perfect combination of a teacher, bestie and a sissy.

This sweet incident touched my heart and gave me a new idea too. I now have new fantasies. I wish that all my loved ones buy me a book and write something special on it. You know, I am such a person who just loves to keep everything safe. I even have my class 2’s slam books and diaries. (Winks)
Also, the book by Sonia ma’am made me think about an offbeat career too. I am totally high on motivation.

So dearest bookworm and booklover too, what are your ideas about the crush for books. Do let me know in the comment section below. Hope you loved the blog marathon. Stay tuned. Hugs

Nerdy Partner in Crime (when you literally steal books from library)

4 thoughts on “Letter To Bibliophiles

  1. Reva Bhasin
    Reva Bhasin says:

    I literally had a big smile while reading this…it feels sooo good on reading such amazingly penned articles…!!?

    Thank you Di

    1. Manushreya Sharma
      Manushreya Sharma says:

      Thank you so much baby. I am actually short of words. This made my day like always. Loads of love and hugs.❤?

  2. Beena

    Really beautifully written Manushreya.. It made me charged up to read a book.. Lovely.. Keep writing and motivation us. Thanks

    1. Manushreya Sharma
      Manushreya Sharma says:

      Thank you so so much Didi for always guiding me. Love you loads.❤?

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