Letter From God

What if one day you receive a letter from God? If not God, universe’s power which operates everything. There is some kind of relieve amidst all your false believe. Let’s see what’s here in this letter.

My dearest creation

Why do you keep on taking unnecessary stress;

When you know that I am here to make your way towards all your dreams.

I have got plans better than yours,

I have got wisdom to decide your course,

Life’s so precious and limited,

Create magic and spread love while you can,

There’s a reason behind every season,

You needn’t worry for the fortunate fate that still awaits,

Because I love you.

Sometimes it is better to get flown away with the winds,

You never know what good destiny holds for you.

All you need is love thyself,

For wishes, needs and dreams would be fulfilled sooner or later;

What remains forever is the soul,

Make sure it is a happy, cheerful and positive one.


Cheers, Manushreya

Million wishes.

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