Author – Sandeep Sharma

Creative Vibes Rating – 4.5/5

Genre – Fiction

No. of pages – 170

ISBN – 978-9385783463

Publication House – Inspire India Publishers


The Fable begins with the Mount Lambasa, which separates the kingdom of Chaturanga and Sarprakt. Chaturanga, which was ruled by king Viratha, was bestowed with a dynamic Heir and the whole kingdom got busy in the rituals and a layer of happiness was spread all over the kingdom. But the tale ends not here, on The other side of the Mount Lambasa, a deadly conspiracy was planned. All the happiness and Festivity was vanished away and the King Viratha was crippled by the conspiracy. Now, Only the mysterious Mountain Man can help him. He urges the mysterious man of the mountain to show him the way to recreate the conspiracy and that gave birth to, what we today call – ‘The Game of The Chess”.

The Nation was alarmed with the serial killing and the killer was leaving a chess piece, which was associated with every murder. The Police force was trying to find a pattern, but failed to find anything common between all the murders, except a strange message and a chess piece. To crack the code, a unique team of History, chess and security came together because the next intended victim is the most powerful person of the country. The only thing revolving in their mind is – ‘The history repeats itself’. Will they able to find the man who lived 4000 years ago? Can history actually repeat itself? Is this actually possible that one man can defy all the laws of the nature? To De-code this mystery – Grab your copy now –  http://www.amazon.in/Let-Game-Begin-SANDEEP-SHARMA/dp/9385783467/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1482489925&sr=1-2

                                                                     LET THE GAME BEGIN


The book is filled with cause and effect of one conspiracy which is carried forward to the present era from around 4000 years back. The book is so intriguing that I finished it in a single night. Sometimes, the evil is around us but we fail to recognise it. The similar thing happens in the book. The most majestic thing about the book is that the story not even once misses the beat. From the prologue to the epilogue, not even once I felt that story is getting senseless or dry or boring. The reader feels a constant curiosity from the very first page and it doesn’t ends even at the last page. (can’t tell you more, SPOILER ALERT  mode is on 🙂 ).

History of chess! What will be the history of that square shape board which have some black and white symmetrical squares on it? If you are thinking something like this, trust me this work will astonish you up to the core. The Author has covered minute to minute detail by associating it with some serial killings and some serious history. The work is actually very amazing.

                                                                      LET THE GAME BEGIN

What I love about the book

Everything! Trust me everything was amazing about the book. Just to specify something particular, I would say that the End of the book was outstanding. It gives you a hangover and you will keep thinking about the book even after the book ends.

What I find little inappropriate

Just One thing – we have to wait for its sequel.

                                                                            LET THE GAME BEGIN


The book will shake you to the core. If you like History and mystery, trust me, you cannot afford to ignore this work.

Kudos to the Author.



Love, Laughter and Peace

Himanshu R Nagpal

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