Dhoni's final shot
Let's finish this off.

Recently I have watched this movie called M.S. Dhoni – the untold story. Let me put this in a different way. Since 2005, I’m a big fan of Dhoni. Everyone knows that he plays well and he is a great captain and almost everyone knows about the long path he travelled to achieve what he has achieved. From his long, long journey, I’ve tried to pick out some amazing lessons which should be imbibed in every leader.
M.S Dhoni, as we all know that he used to be a goal keeper in his school’s football team and never interested in playing cricket, but destiny has some other plans. He started doing wicket keeping in the school team only and accidentally went for batting and then he never looked back. Journey was never easy. He was boycotted many a times. He was not selected in under 19 – team. But one amazing thing he did was – he never quit.
So let’s try to put spotlight on the lessons learned from this outstanding journey of our captain cool.


1. Be in the Present Moment

mahendra singh dhoni
             childhood picture of M.S. Dhoni

“How to control your mind?” this question generally disturbs us often. When we start working on a particular project, our mind takes us to either into all the past experiences you had with your projects or it takes you to the future anxiety and make us worried with a question – “what if I fail?”
Mind, as I’ve written many a times, that it is just like a muscle and needs training to attain more strength and more activeness. it generally happens with me personally that I start planning for a particular situation a long before it actually happens and I plan that I will do this and I will do that and when the situation comes in front of me, I forget most of the things. And the most, most hilarious thing which always happen is, after that particular incident, I waste my time in thinking that “I should have done this and I should have done that”.
You know where the actual problem lies? We are not present in the present. Mr. Dhoni always remains in the present and doesn’t care about the past and the future because he deeply understands that past cannot be changed and your present determines your future – so first things first- be in the present.
In the ICC world cup 2016, India VS Bangladesh, when he stumped on the very last ball and won the match at the last moment, I think this proves the concept well.

2. Believe in Yourself

dhoni- the journey
Life is full of struggles, but this man never lose hope

When we take a decision, we often doubt ourselves. Okay! Close your eyes and imagine any incident in which you have succeeded. The thing you will notice that success is never a bi- product of doubt. It is a bi- product of faith, self-confidence and a firm belief in your actions. You know where the problem lies? The problem Is that we don’t know ourselves inside out and upside down. We are busy in maintaining big contacts but we don’t know the person who is closest to us – YOU. We never understand that the loudest and clearest voice we can listen to is our own voice. We don’t know what’s our capability, what’s our caliber.
But Mr. Dhoni believes in himself. As a captain he understands that which player needs to be dropped in the tournament.
In The first ICC T20 initial world cup, India made it to the finals. In the very last over, when everyone was expecting that Harbhajan Singh should carry on with his spell because he was experienced and tackled different situations, Dhoni had something else in his mind. He chose Joginder Sharma to bowl Misbah. And rest is the history.

3. Know Your Game Well

Dhoni - the captain cool
Success needs patience and determination

Many of us jump into a particular field without much understanding of that profession. The captain cool knows everything about the world of cricket. All the rules, all the shortcomings, all the pros and cons of your field make you a lot more wiser and efficient. It helps you in turning the tables according to you. When you know the process end to end, things works according to you.

4. Pressure is good, but Panic is bad

Dhoni- the Fire ball
Focus is the key of our captain.

“Pressure makes Diamonds but Panic Creates Disasters.” Last over – 15 runs needed- last wicket- first ball dot. Wooff! It can make anyone short of breath. Panic! Panic! Panic! But wait a second. Dhoni just stretched his shoulders and adjusted his gloves. Now he is looking around the ground. Now he is all set to play the ball. His eyes are all set on the bowl. It’s a perfect yorker. And the other moment the ball is out of stadium. Pressure indeed creates the diamond. The pressure, that dependency of whole nations is the diet of the champions.

5. Channelise your Aggression

Dhoni - ultimate wicket keeper
Aggression many a times helps you to push your boundaries.

Being a Delhite, I can explain that what is the utmost wastage of aggression. Everyday I see people fighting unnecessarily on the traffic lights, at the government offices and other places. They are just satisfying their ego and some legends are using it in the field and making our country proud. I was watching highlights of a 2012 match where Aussies tried twice to Hit Mr. Dhoni. Any one could sense that it was done intentionally. In that situation, an ordinary person will go and complain and fight and loose his temper. But M.S. remained calm and composed. What happened next was firing. Innumerable fours and sixes were fired from Dhoni’s Bat. The optimum use of aggression

6. Finish Like A Boss

Dhoni's final shot
Let’s finish this off.

Starting something is not a very tough job. Many a times we get influenced and starts with something and after some days that thing starts poking us unnecessarily. We generally start giving excuses and ultimately we quit. There are some legends who starts and finishes the job with a same level of enthusiasm and discipline. This is the outstanding art of leadership. And we all know that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the best finisher across the globe. When 15 runs are needed in an over, Dhoni many a times wrap up everything with one or two balls still remaining.

Leader, a person who don’t believe in giving orders but believes in performing as good as gold. He understands that what is the value of a team. He knows what motivates whom. He do not let personal ego comes between the bond between the team. Whether it’s a game of cricket or game of life, this level of leadership will make you stand out of the crowd.

All Hail to Dhoni, the living legend.

With this, I’m signing off and I really hope this motivated you.

See you again
Love, laughter and peace


  1. Very well explanation of all six points
    You have explained very well about Mr Dhoni achievements / sacrifices / leadership / never give up attitude… He is inspiration for all of us.. We should learn from his journey…. Life is very easy we are making it very complicated… ?


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