Jim Morgan And The Seven Sins

Jim Morgan And The Seven Sins

Author – Bharat Madan

Genre – Fiction (Thriller)

Creativevibes rating – 3/5

Pages – 304

Publisher – notionpress.com


Jim Morgan And The Seven Sins is a moderate thriller that narrates a story of a Author’s past life sins. Jim Morgan, a star author with six best sellers to his name and protagonist of the tale, lives away from the vicinity of the state in a secluded remote area which is certainly apt location for any writer. He lives alone as he and his wife parted ways because of his obsession with his books and work. Further he has an uncalled unknown visitor whom he calls God. God tells him that he has committed several sins in his past life and he has only seven days left to find them and save himself from getting doomed.

Will he be able to identify his sins? How will he reach to know his past life? What are his sins? Is that man “God” or his imagination or an impostor?

To have answers of above. Grab a copy and start on it.


The plot of the story is drenched and soaked in blood throughout. The theme of the novel is suitably suggested from the tittle itself. It is a thriller with many secrets hidden inside it’s pages. The cover of the book makes it a scary one though. The story line is decent enough to carry the suspense till end. The characters of the story do not make a lasting effect but definitely they justify their given role. The novel takes its shape when astrological science is added to it. The plot isn’t too racy just perfect for the book.

What I love about the book

The creativity and thought of the plot is what I liked. The connectivity of Jim Morgan with his books and specially the past portal part is fun to read!

What I find little inappropriate

The book is absolute work of fiction and does not hold any reasoning and logic. For me, The narration of the story makes it dull at several points.


The book is fair work of fiction combined with thriller. The twists in the plot asks you to turn the page to get to the end. The book is not extraordinary but the one that keeps you going. To end, the book is a decent read for a Saturday night.

Richa Gangwani

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