It takes what it takes to become what you want to become.

It takes what it takes to become what you want to become.

Recently I was witness to a corporate circus. A corporate house had recruited a group of freshers who had completed their MBA in marketing. They were asked to go to field after two weeks of product orientation and intense training on selling skills. Within just two days of field selling, a few of them appeared highly dejected and demoralized . When asked about the cause for their disheartenment some said “we don’t know why we are not yet able to make breakthroughs and succeed”. Two days into the field and already restless about not seeing success- what a joke! I call it corporate circus because either the two week training by the corporate or two year course on Business Management or perhaps both, had erroneously brainwashed these fresh minds into believing in ‘ easy success ‘, or put other wise ‘success is easy’. The very phrases ‘ success is easy ‘ and ‘ easy success ‘ sound blasphemous.

The heart really aches to see many who want to win but do not possess the willingness to prepare to win. What use is the attitude to win without the attitude to prepare to win ? Even the goose capable of giving you the golden eggs has to be groomed  from a gosling that has just hatched out of an egg.

Even an uneducated person can tell you that no sportsman can exercise just a week before a game and attain fitness level to play a match. Yet in a country where cricket is almost a religion the drama of conducting a fitness camps just a week prior to the tournament has been a tradition, or should I say traditional joke for several decades.

Do you expect to trim waistline after just a week at gym? Do you get anxious about your daughter’s result not improving within a month of having sent her for special coaching? Do you think of a¬† marriage counsellor just two month into marriage, frustrated that marriage is not turning out the way you wanted it to? Do you get agitated when after a week of trying an affectionate approach towards your rebellious teenager she is still unrelenting ?

Well anyone who plants a seed today and expects a fruit tomorrow should relocate to another planet. It isn’t possible on planet Earth. Here, you don’t win unless you continuously back up your attitude to win with attitude to prepare to win. Eleventh hour preparation do not work beyond the ninth standard in school in life reparation to win is a prerequisite to win.

After a great piano performance in a women’s club an admirer approached the accomplished woman musician and said “I’d give anything to play like this ” The musician replied ‘ A lot of you promise to give anything to become what you want to , but you won’t. You won’t sit and practice , hour after hour, day after day, year after year.”

It takes what it takes to become what you want to become.



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    Sarthak Gupta says:

    Very well justified!

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