Are you laying or sitting at the corner of your bed thinking what drastic change just took place? You were so happy just a few seconds back and now you are dumbstruck thinking what the heck did just happen.

Yes, it happens with each one of us at some point of time but you know the control is not in our hands. Just imagine the roughest car or bike ride of your life when you were just a passenger sitting at the back seat and someone else was driving in a hurry. Was that under your control? Your life is a ride too whose control is with the almighty. He may have disrupted your life right now but there is a reason behind it, there is a lesson behind it and there is a good hidden cause behind it which we cannot see right now because we are over indulged in thinking why something bad happened with us. But he is busy thinking, this person will get something better.


Your life’s control is not always in your hand. Anything can happen to you anytime. There was a man who didn’t use to go out because he was afraid that anything could kill him, he could die because of an accident if he goes on road he could die because of collision if he travels by a vehicle so he locked himself inside his room. But one cannot live according to his own will and avoid death. He died because a frame fell off his head. If something is meant to be it will happen maybe the way it happens change but not the real thing. You cannot run away from your reality no matter how hard you try.


You cannot run away from the situations that are meant to be. These situations, these circumstances occur due to your karma be it good or bad. You face harsh things because you did harsh sometime and you face good things because you did a good deed sometime. Almighty is trying to teach you a lesson and the more easily you understand this the more you think positively about your life. If you have read each word clearly and tried to imbibe this truth within you, you will react in a positive way towards your future situations. You won’t be sitting at the corner of your bed thinking why did this happen rather you would be thinking this was meant to happen with me to make me realize it is a challenge in my life which I have to face with power and dedication because it is for my better and everything happens for good. Maybe I did not get this job because almighty already has a better job opportunity all planned and awaiting for me with better salary. Maybe I had a breakup because he or she was not the one for me. Have faith in yourself and on him because he is the maker and he has the best made for you.


Try to have patience and wait for good things to happen with you because he has always blessed you. He knows you are in trouble and he knows how to get you out of it. Think good and good will happen with you because you don’t have control over your life but you do have control over your mind. You do have control over your body and you should try to see good feel good think good speak good and listen good no matter how difficult it is. People will never praise you but you can ignore them and listen to your own positive and inspiring thoughts. Love your life and always try to be calm because good things are always waiting for you and it is all meant to be.


Jessica Budhwani

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