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Is your Work-Out Working Out?

Hey everyone. I really hope you are doing great. First of all let me tell you that I’m really excited as I’m writing this because writing and discussing about fitness is something I can do endlessly. I’m working out from I think more than seven years now. It was a beautiful journey till here, with many injuries and hell lot of memories. It feels really great and satisfying when every morning at 6.30 I enter the gym. That enthusiasm, that excitement can’t be expressed in words. So, without wasting any time, I think we should start discussing various concepts we listen everyday, but we actually don’t know the basic meaning of it.
Fitness, like any other area of study, carries some theory before jumping to the practical. And trust me, both are equally important. Just like you can’t learn driving by reading a manual, similarly you can’t go to the gym and start working out without understanding certain basic concepts about the subject. So, there you go.

Is your Work-Out Working Out?
Is your Work-Out Working Out?

1) Losing weight v/s losing fat
These two are entirely different concepts. Every object has some weight, you can easily measure it on a weighing scale. But that weighing scale can’t explain you the composition of that object. Just like that your body also carries some weight (which consists of muscles, bones, joints, ligaments and so on). And to reduce that you walk endlessly. Some of us succeed, some of us don’t. But let me tell you, by walking or running at an extreme rate, you are losing your lean body muscle, which is the weight of your muscles. Muscles are nothing but the protector of your bones, joints, ligaments and tendrons. So you can’t judge a person’s fitness just by looking at his or her weight. Two 90 Kilo guys can have entirely different physique.
Another important thing under this head is to understand the meaning of losing fat. So guys, fat carries less weight as compared to muscles. Just like cotton and iron. One Kg of cotton covers more surface area than one KG of Iron. This clearly proves that losing weight doesn’t mean you are losing fat. These two terms are entirely different.

2) We Make Muscle At The Gym
What? Seriously? If you think that, trust me, you need to change your thinking right now. I will not get too much into technical and biological stuff, but we need to understand two major concepts which are Anabolism and Catabolism. Anabolism, in simpler words can be defined as making up the broken muscles and Catabolism is simply breaking the muscle. Whenever we lift a dumbbell or a pulley or loose weights at the gym, we break our muscles. Yes, strange no? your every work out session breaks your muscle. This is the reason some folks never able to gain muscle because they think that story ends there and then. But the actual story begins when you come back. You gain muscle when you take proper diet (according to your daily activities) as well as when you have proper rest. People call it recovery time, but actually it is the time when you gain muscles (anabolism). Working out at the gym is just the 30% of the whole story. The 70% consists of Diet (prefer a balanced one – ummm you can say that your meal must include Fiber, protein, fats {yes, you read it right} as well as carbs) and a good 7 to 8 hours sound sleep.

Is your Work-Out Working Out?
Is your Work-Out Working Out?

3) Dieting Is the key to reduce weight
Now you are in a good position to understand the problem in this statement. First of all ask yourself that whether you want to reduce fat or you want to reduce weight. If you want to reduce weight, you can go for dieting. If you want to reduce fat, dieting will not at all help.
Dieting or you can say starving is nothing but stopping the supply of nutrients to your body, which actually acts as fuel and helps your body to carry on with its various operations like metabolism. In simple words, if you will not take proper diet, I’m sorry to say but you will get prone to illness and notice certain imbalances in your body and the result will be unnecessary frustration, Anger and mood swings in short run. In long run…. Let’s not discuss that.
So my point is, you should take proper diet at adequate intervals. It will not only help you in losing weight but also increase the quality of your life.
4) Cardio will help me in losing Weight
Uhhh not again. Okay! Let me make it very clear that cardio burn up the oxygen and make you sweat like hell. People think that they are losing fat while sweating, but this not at all true. You are sweating because your body’s temperature is increasing as compared to the room temperature. Yes, you are losing fat, but up to a certain level. After that you will lose your muscle (which is extremely dangerous). All the aerobic activities will help you in losing fat up to the time you are doing it. On the other hand, the anaerobic activities like weighted training will help you in burning fat up to 36 to 48 hours.
I rest my case here.

Is your Work-Out Working Out?
Is your Work-Out Working Out?

Your Body is a temple. Worship it.
Work out is a religion. Follow it.

I really hope this will help you with your transformation. I wish you all the best for that.
If you have any queries please write me at- [email protected]
If you want to share any meaningful stuff related to the topic or want me to write more articles on this topic, or if you have some suggestions, please write that below.
So stay strong. Stay Focussed.
Love, Laughter and Peace.
Himanshu R Nagpal

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