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In an Interesting conversation with Vibha Ma’am, the author of the book “No Longer Caged”, i discovered much about the book as well as about publishing in today’s world. read on for the whole interview.

About the Book

It was his disability that caged Nakul from within – to voice out the words he longed to express. His self-confidence was severely hurt as he graduated from being a child who stammers, to a youth who fears to express himself. Unfortunately, one after another, Nakul lost his loved ones – the ones who were his universe. Just released from prison; before embarking upon his new life, a nostalgic Nakul decided to pay one last visit to his house which carried fond memories of the bygone days and stumbles upon the last gift that Rishabh had left for him, days before he was murdered. This gift turns out to be “the impulse” that gives Nakul the ability to believe in himself and realize his true potential. Oscillating through the scenes of unconditional love, the matchless bond of friendship and a simplistic, yet soulful connect of love, No Longer Caged, is a beautiful saga of embracing one’s true worth as a human being – liberated, unrestricted and not subjected to the beliefs of the world.


Q1) In India, there are many kids just like the protagonist of the book “No Longer Caged” who are unable to live their life to the fullest because of long lost self-confidence and the result – ‘They Feel Caged’. From where you got this idea which took form of a book?

We live amongst a pool of people – known as “society” that dictates us the terms and conditions on how to live, and while we agree to their entrusted thoughts and grow up, we seldom put a thought to the fact that while doing so, we actually loose our identity.  We become something that the others want us to be. 


The hardships of life told me that – that’s not “Living” at all. Living is when you do the things that makes you happy, and to keep yourself happy, you got to be choosing your own path, following your own passions – irrespective of what other’s choose to tell you.  That’s how the thought of No Longer Caged surfaced my mind.


Q2) While writing this masterpiece, are there any obstacles you faced? How did you overcame those obstacles?

Primarily time constraints. I am a single parent and also a professional. Thus shuffling between being a mother and Manager is at times difficult, but as I keep telling others that if you really have the zeal to fulfill your passion, you ought to find that 25th hour of the day and the 8th day of the week. So, if the passion keeps you alive, you got to breathe it completely. That’s my mantra.


Q3) It is said that ‘every author is an avid reader’.  What are the books which inspires you to carry on with your writing?

Yes it’s rightly said. However, in my case it is not confined to books only. I read small proses, poems, inspirational quotes and at times books as well.  While reading I am much keen to observe the emotions that are attached with the words and like to derive out the message out of the writings.  I, myself like to follow stories that inspire, be it real life or literary.  I am much inspired by motivational books like Tuesdays with Morrie, Robin Sharma series and inspirational talks of Prabhu Gaur Gopal Das, that are not just inspirational in literal meaning but also soulful in content.  It helps me to keep going.


Q4) In The present era, what we see that after completing the book, the journey of marketing begins. Please enlighten us with the different ways you are opting for your book marketing.

I understand social media is an excellent platform for marketing and I try to make use of the same as much as possible. Going a step forward, I always strive to connect with my readers on a one to one basis, as much as possible. In the same light, while publicizing “No Longer Caged” I sent out a hand written personal letter to my readers.  I believe that carries a huge impact on people’s mind when you connect with them at a personal level. Apart from the same, mouth of word helps. Holding discussions over the theme/ book reading with people of different background contributes as well.


Q5) Even after giving your heart, your soul, as well as your valuable time to the book, sometimes the author has to deal with some bad reviews. How do you deal with that?

I believe every coin has two sides to it. So is the case with being an author and dealing with the reviews. I still remember when the book was launched and my daughter asked me “Ma, how does it feel, now that the book lies in your reader’s hands?” I responded, “The feeling is similar to attempting your higher secondary exams, where you write an exam, come out of the Examination Hall happily and your parents ask “How did it go?” and you respond “Superb!” – but, it’s only at the time of result declaration when you find out how much you have scored.”  So basis of the marks you understand whether you really did well or you need to put more efforts over it.  Reviews, good or bad are learnings that help you to mature in your passion.  As I say, you never loose, you only learn and I aspire to be a learner always.


Q6) Last but really not the least – what is your message to the aspiring Authors?

Being an author is a whole lot of responsibility.  So, always evaluate the outcome before you put things on paper, because that’s what is going to make an impact on the person who is reading.  Cherish the uniqueness in you – how you can beautifully knit the emotions of human kind in your writings. Nonetheless, dream, observe and be passionate of the creativity that God has bestowed upon you.

I pay my heartiest Thanks to the Author for answering all the questions which came into my mind. 

And Guys, there is an important news underneath 🙂

Found the book interesting? Want to win a copy? Comment below, why you want to read ‘no longer caged’ and if the author finds your answer interesting, the book will be at your doorsteps. Two lucky winners, will be chosen. Last date is 25th of January.”


10 thoughts on “Interview With Vibha Nasheen

  1. Dr. Hardik Joshi

    From this book, I want to know about
    How can I find my true worth?

    And I am sure that it will help me.

  2. Banaja Prakashini

    I want to read the book because of the author’s answer to the question that involved what obstacles she faced while writing the book.
    I have always appreciated people who write for passion rather than writing to just have an Author tag added to their name.
    I want to read her work to know how much she had been fueled by her passion because of all the things that we do because we want, writing is a thing we can’t stop ourselves from doing.

  3. Levisha

    Damn this book. It is so goddamned relatable. I desperately want to dive into its pages living the obstacles and consequences of it all. Even me too, despite trying to motivate myself, have always found me short of confidence. And reading the story of a person like Nakul who despite all the uncertainities carries the guts to come out successful in the end, makes up for a whole lot of reasons to looking forward to reading this beautiful story. ????

  4. Janci PR

    As the author told, every children now-a-days are bound with some rules that they can’t do it. And I wish to read how the author continued the story and how the protagonist changes from a timid boy to courageous boy. What was the surprise Rishabh gifted him?? Am eager to know. And the author’s words is very inspirational and motivated me. If we are bound to our dreams, then we may find that 25th hour and 8th day of the week. Claps for you. God bless.

  5. Sandeep Hati
    Sandeep Hati says:

    I want to read “No Longer Caged” because reading the small excerpt, I feel there’s so much I could relate the book to myself. Expressing your true feelings in matter of subjugation is really hard. There are part of my life inexplicable to myself. I think this book would let me be a little brave and take on life with a whole different perspective.

  6. Uttam singh
    Uttam singh says:

    Who doesn’t likes to read something that would help him get out of something he has been a victim of….i wanna know how it could be ended…

  7. Umarajesh

    What a wonderful soul u are vibha my privilege to vibe with someone who believes so much in herself may u reach the pinnacle with much more feathers in your crown wishing you a wonderful journey and an equally amazing future rock and lead on

  8. Vibhati

    “No longer caged”. Be the story inspirational or soulful, this Single mother Vibha knows how to handle life and make 25hours out of 24hours and adds up another day in a week to make it an 8th day which makes life worth living. I hope to get more inspired through the book penned down by Mrs Vibha and put along the words in my life because inspiration is what can bring happiness to a life.
    Hope to get this book and review a positive indication.

  9. Rishi

    I just want to know,How he overcame his obstacles.

  10. Shubham Kumar

    The title of this book says a lot of things and the author has said the rest of it. I think we all have a kind of cage around us and we have to deal with it. Here in this book the story of Nakul seems interesting and motivating. Author has said it right that dealing with all the hardships and living happily with your passion is the real joy of life. I like such motivational book and this book is worth reading for me and one of my best friend who is dealing with the same problem. I win the free copy or not. I am going to buy this book and gift him after reading. Thanks for such a nice interview.

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