Once, I was a girl

Who used to hurl

All the emotions in the dark

Watching that big round white mark

The Moon, world say

But I had my own way


He was abode of night

Oblivious of his own might

Still sparkling in the dim

So I admired him

Waiving my sombre was its cream

In a slumber he gave me dream

And so wonderful it all seam


But then a Dove passed by,


Weaning me from my creamy dreamy land

It rested me on realities harsh hand

It put me in the light

Where the sun is extra bright

It made me fathom what truth is

And life is not at all about bliss


I am not perturbed

Neither I am sad

I am simply grateful

To my heart is so glad

Coz now I am young

And by my side all facts hung

Making me feel more stronger

And directing me to be a achiever


Now my fantasies are new one

And this time,

Here is no moon,

But a dazzling SUN.

                           RICHA GANGWANI






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