Hello Everyone!! First of all tell me, who inspire you the most in life? Inspiration is a sudden urge which makes us to do something. Some people, some moments, some movies, some books inspires us to do something which can lead to success. Sometimes our parents are our inspiration. They guide us to walk on the right track, they are the role model of our life. So it depends on the individual, whom he want to see as the role model of his life.

Inspiration is strong mental stimulation which drive us to do the activities which seems right and helps us to achieve our set goals. Below are some examples of inspiration which my close friends told me:

  1. Manish is inspired by Mr. Milkha Singh (Hard work, willpower & dedication. For a person with these qualities, the sky is the limit – Mr Milkha Singh). He is also inspired by the movie: Zindagi na milegi dobara. It motivated mostly all of us. I agree Manish.
  2. Bharat says, he is inspired by Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari. I agree Bharat, as he talks real sense. And encourage us by showing us the right path to follow and his videos helps us to stay positive.
  3. Palak says, she is inspired by her brother Raj Premchandani, as he follows one rule that “live life with a smile.” Good going Palak, smile always keeps us positive.
  4. Himanshu says, he is inspired by many people who are hero of their own fields. To be brief, he is inspired by Late Shri APJ Abdul Kalam, he used to sell newspapers and belong to a middle class family, and later on his curiosity to learn made him the missile man of our country. Himanshu is highly inspired by Swami Vivekanand also. All the best Himanshu and thanks for sharing this.
  5. Gulshan is inspired by his parents, as they are strong and their unconditional love keeps him going. He learned many things from them. They always supported him at each stage of his life. Thanks Gulshan for sharing.
  6. Manasvi is inspired by her Dad, she says “he is practical yet emotional, he knows how to make his way out of the tough situation, while not causing harm to anyone” as her dad is her role model, she follows the same path of positivity and correct approach. Manasvi thanks, and keep it up.
  7. Komal is inspired by Mrs. Indra Nooyi (Chairperson and CEO of PepsiCO), she says, “her determination and consistency motivates me”. Komal nice observation, thanks.

So these were certain examples of my friends, who lead their life with inspiration. Encouragements keeps you going. They remind you, that nothing is impossible and you have to achieve your goals. You can overcome the obstacles and give your best shot.

I would like to mention about my brother in law (Jiju) Aman Kohli, he is biggest the example of “Living like your inspiration”. His inspiration is superstar Salman Khan, and he follow every move of him, Aman maintains the physique like him, follows his looks, haircut, tries to wear the attire like him and what not? Hats off to you Aman. This shows how you admire your hero of life. Kudos..

My inspiration is the book “The Secret”, it’s hard to follow that on daily basis, however whenever I see myself in trouble, I always say. It is for few minutes, all will be fine, and I read the secret. It gives me peace. Secondly my inspiration is my favourite author, Preeti Shenoy, she writes so well that I wanna pursue my career in writing inspired by her. I am inspired by my husband also, because of his positive attitude towards life.

So guys, here I want to say that, please be inspired by something and fill your daily dose of inspiration, It keeps you stimulated and sure about your ability to achieve which seems impossible. When we are in our childhood stage, we try to imitate our parents’ activities, we try to repeat the same words which they use in their conversation. At that stage our nature, our character is designed. But everyone has his/her unique quality. We develop our unique personality when we grow up. We learn everyday a new thing, we try to adopt good qualities, like politeness, appearance, good behaviour. We praise people if they possess some diverse quality. “I like her, as she is so friendly” we say that right?

Work upon yourself, be a person whom people can admire. We are inspired by people. So guys do something, where people are inspired by you.” Your deeds talk about your personality, do something that people can give your example. I watched movie “Dangal” yesterday, my favourite dialogue was “Silver jitegi toh kuchh time baad sab bhul jaenge, agar Gold jita toh misaal bann jaegi, aur misaale di jaati hai, bhuli nahi jaati”. So thanks readers for inspiring me to write more.

Mr. Amitabh Bacchan, Mr. APL Abdul Kalam, Mr. Narendra Modi, Mother Teresa all are inspirations for us. We are proud of them, and proud to be an Indian.

Keep smiling, be happy, and count your blessings!!

Beena Himthani

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