From the legends of the past decades

To the youth with tongues like swords and blades

From the buildings of the old memorials

To the hotels and restaurants consist of new materials


From the aroma of spices, food, been traditionally bold

To the shimmery of diamond, silver and precious gold

From the maternities in a very young age

To the woman of today speaking at a stage



From the families integrated for love and sake

To the ménage being sometimes true sometimes fake

From the caste system of former land

To the quotas started and differences banned


From the blissful night under sky

To the conditioners in the rooms lie

From the walking of the beings and freedom fighters

To the people in cars carrying drinks and lighters


From the horror tales and mysteries of ghosts

To the movies of actors and reality shows by hosts

From the love letters written with an ink pen

To the pizza nowadays cooking in a solid pan


From the giggles of children with a simple wooden toy

To the grumpy kids watching youtube , doraemon , Tolstoy

From the meetings of people and time that they took

To the easy introduction with a stranger on facebook


From the craftsmen, handworks and pottery

To the pubs, discos, and casinos pledging for lottery

From the perfection of the teaching and study wedge

To the boards in classrooms operating class edge


From the people die and born

To the animals being cut and torn

From the game of deflation and inflation

To the separating and mixing inside our nation


From the country always be like one

To the cities in it which gave us everything to learn

Our country will always be defined as Mother India

Who got changed with years and digital media


– Komal Chandnani

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