Amidst the crowd, there is a voice insecure of being lost some day. The crowd shouts at its peak, the voice starts to fade, it becomes alien and finally becomes a part of crowd. This voice is not an ordinary one but your own. That voice we have lost by accepting things to be the way they are and getting along with the flow. The insecurities have multiplied and to cover it, we had to pay the price- losing our original and unapologetic ME voice.

Now comes a search for silence, for the world to mute and let me hear my heartbeats, the breathe, squirrel climbing on the tree, even the sound of water leaking from a tap.

The search is on, the madness is taking over. The impatience makes me lose the game all the more. Then one day while you put off putting off life, the voice learns to speak gradually, becomes clearer with time and finally finds its own ways.

The voice and purpose does not come easy, my friend. The search for soothing silence is eternal. Put off putting off life, you shall certainly find it one day.  As the adage says, KYU DAREN, ZINDAGI MAIN KYA HOGA ; KUCH NA HOGA TOH TAJURBA HOGA. Life may be an uphill, the destination may be far away , make your voice heard.


Love and Light

Manushreya Sharma


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