Have you noticed the aroma of the last meal you had? Do you remember what you ate in dinner last night? What did it smell like? Did the first bite of it made you feel grateful to God for providing food to eat,somebody to cook it and somebody to earn for it?
If the answer is no, read on my friend.
In our so called fast paced lives, we have missed out on the things that matter the most- our breathe and meals. These two are keeping us alive and not the unrequited love that you long for. :p
The way you eat determines the way your body maintains itself. It is not just the biology of various processes that take place. It is beyond that. The food we eat nourishes our soul,provides energy to our brain for its proper functioning and makes us happy.
Today many of us have forgotten how to eat slowly, listen to our body’s signal and chew our food at least forty times. Whatever we are doing, the primary purpose is survival- to satisfy our hunger. Yet we are busy on mobiles and television while eating and even talk. Isn’t that so sad?
Eating food is like meditation. It is a solitary act and requires attention. Today, I request you all to eat your mindfully and feel the difference.
Let me know how it feels. See you next week.
Love and Light
Manushreya Sharma


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