Whenever I think about this word Home Work, school days’ memories start revolving in my mind. That was the best time of life. I feel nostalgic when I think about my school going days. I enjoyed, cried, played, studied, struggled, fought and had done everything. Time flies like anything. It seems like yesterday when I was in school. I was never happy with my Hindi and history subject’s homework, I was not a mathematics person also, I was good at theory part.

So do you all remember your school days? what a fun time it was. Right? I chuckle now when I think about those days, sometimes I felt so sad, and pressurized that “Ohh Lord, so much homework, projects, exams, Viva, how will I study? How will I perform? But was really really not aware; that struggle was nothing. Life had so much to show ahead.

These days homework is such a huge task for students. Schools put pressure to do the homework which is not much relevant. Schools should assign those activities which can benefit student’s brain development. Only writing the chapters for 5-10 times is not only cumbersome but creates a bad feeling in student’s mind. Then they start trying to ignore doing that. And they approach somebody else to do it for them. If we compare the education system with other countries, like US and UK, there most of the schooling start when the kid is 5 years old. And afterward when the school life starts, the pressure is not much on students. In most of the schools, there is no rule of heavy homework. We should learn this and try to apply in our country also. Only reading writing is not enough, learning with entertainment is a good idea indeed. We have seen examples that sometimes scholars are not able to achieve success in their life. And the kids who are not educated, and an average marks gainer achieve immense success. So it depends on how you train your brain.

We can take an example of the very famous movie, “3 Idiots, only cramming the answers and achieving good scores will lead you nowhere. Apply brain and solve equations will be beneficial.

Now if we think in a different way and If we talk about homework in today’s working life, it’s a gigantic difference. Today I need to plan my day, on a working day how to finish the household chores, or how to wake up early, prepare food, need to reach office on time. There is so much to manage. And still, sometimes I feel, I need to attend a training for time management. I feel horrible that how the day ends so early and I have so much work pending. So, I would like to add here, that homework from the age of 25-50 years is more crucial. School and studies homework is related to purely academics, but this homework is practical and involves great lessons for spending a fruitful life.

Perhaps I think my life is difficult, there is so much to manage, someone else says I have so much to manage, I need to travel a lot from home to workplace from workplace to home. So these complaints go on. And we get used to this fast pace life. We forget to enjoy, forget to spend quality time with parents, with kids. We finally think no worries, I will earn this much, I will become rich then I will give time to loved ones. But do you really think that time comes easily? We keep on demanding, and our desires never end. So cease the day, and try to enjoy as much as you can.

Coming back on the same topic – Homework. I would like to say, in this competitive era, kids feel very much pressurized from schools to do assigned homework. Nowadays, kids have very less time of summer vacations, in most of the schools only for a month. Unlike previously, in 90’s era, we had less homework and full on fun. We had 3 months long summer vacations. However, in coming centuries, kids are more indulged in making projects, doing assignments and have less fun in summer vacations.

Even I have heard about those commercial outlets also, which are now available in metro cities, in which you can buy customized projects and models. So you all know human mind right? That so-called thinking of taking benefit? These smart businessmen may think that kids want to enjoy and do not want to spend much time in making these complicated projects. So they provide the projects and parents literally purchase that for their kids. Now I am thinking is it ethical to do? Well, can’t say. “Lot of homework assigned to students” is a debatable topic. Some people say, it is beneficial, it helps to child grow in a better way, it creates a discipline in student’s life. Some say it is a waste of time, it creates a monotonous feeling for kids. Debates for this goes on. And we cannot find the conclusion on this.

Therefore, My request to schools who assign vast homework to students is please don’t pressurize the kids, academic performance does create a huge difference. And I know it is very significant for each kid. But not at the cost of sacrificing their vacations. Everyone including parents and kids waits for the vacations to come. Homework keeps students busy and reduces the precious amount of time which students could spend on outdoor activities, sports, trips etc. Entertainment is very important so as studies. One of my friends told me about a book, “The Homework Machine” written by Dan Gutman, I have not read it yet but it seems interesting. The story revolves around 4 kids, they start spending more time together as one of them creates a machine which completes homework for them. And that machine starts going out of control. Don’t know much but will surely read that.

Hope you like this writing piece.

Be happy, Keep smiling and Count your Blessings!!

Beena Himthani

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  1. AvInash

    Good topic.. Well articulated.

  2. Ajai Shukla
    Ajai Shukla says:

    Good Topic.Food for thought for Indian schools

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