Season one was quite desperate but the answer to many questions was still unanswered therefore season two was not uncalled for. Jay Asher’s Novel 13 Reasons why turned into Netflix series with same title received wide critique and appreciation within a very short span of time. The character are well portrayed and smoothly play their respective roles. Although at some points the audience may find themselves flooded in  excess and unnecessary emotions, mainly in the case when Clay Jensen is in focus, classics critiques and scholars may call it a pre conspired trick played by screenwriter in order to win sympathy of the audience but it seems as if this motive is exhaustive over only the sympathy, I mean there were still many things that they could have given their audience, a well-deserved punishment for Bryce Walker for instance or not so dubious ending or some less F words.

Fall of Hannah Baker

It’s not totally her mistake, as some would claim. She fell prey to the situation, from which she had to run away. But of course how could you know, if human being have that skill of seeing a glimpses of future, then Adam would definitely have tied Eve, and Satan would never have tempted the naked beauty, the fruit on the tree of knowledge will remain cling to the branch, and garden of Eden would still have existed, and suffering to this mankind would not have occurred. Here we can compare the Hannah to Eve. Eve being a self-righteous women wised to have a unique identity so she want to do things on her own, same way Hannah at some point during her teen age had an issue of identity crises, so she stood on her feet to make herself and her conscious clear, but people who happen to be the witness of her gratitude did overlook her richness and concentrated over her weakness. Hannah was a good friend but friends were not good with Hannah. One more thing that should be known about the Baker’s pretty girl, is that she was quiet ahead of her time, with all the idea of tapes and notes that she made before she did what she did.

The Curious case of Clay Jensen

Clay’s situation is no less than Adam’s. No matter how hard Adam tried to stop Eve, he couldn’t save the fall of mankind. Eve’s argument, her conjectures, the verdict, everything was there for a reason. Same way Clay tried hard to pursue Hannah, but he just couldn’t stopped her. Some may witness a fine air of ego on Clay’s part, but that’s just something a modern teen calls jealousy of not being a perfect guy. He loved Hannah, but inferiority complex hit his subconscious harder than his love.

More than a high school drama

More than a high school drama and less than a tittering teen spatial act, this series have been a voice of thousand student who suffer such trauma of ragging and invective during their freshmen year. In case of liberty high it’s not just Hannah baker who suffered the abuse but in fact many girls as confirmed in final episodes, what makes her take such a big step is the question, is Hannah baker a weak girl? Is she not strong enough like Jessica Davis? Some may say yes where as other may say no, both the answer is vague without their respective justification. What do you think comment in the box below.

The ideal Teacher

Only one man whose choices are clear and whose character isn’t perplexed. Mr Porter (Not a decedent of Hogwarts as some may get confused). He might have seen a little submissive in the beginning of the the first season, but his true color is emerged in season two. With all the lamentation, taking matter in his own hands and providing all his support to the student, He emerges as a real Hero in the end. Although one may easily witness that these rouge schools has no room for a teacher like him.


An ill-mannered Sport culture

In America cheer leading may have a glorious history but present situation may not be so favorable for the performers. The diligent and aggressive sport personnel consider winning a match as an ultimate winning of the world, one thing that they forgot is winning is a temporary state of life it’s not permanent or inevitable. It’s a matter of chance or luck (or hard work) enjoy it but do not overjoy it. A proper knowledge of physical education seems to lack from these 17 years clean shaven tall players. One thing I fail to gasp is how a school administration could overlooked the malicious activities of these “prominent” assets of school.


What’s next?

The fact that Bryce walker have not received a severe punishment, was little disappointing for the audience but a little change in his character (a good change to be precise) in end is well appreciated. The screenwriters once again won the battle. On the other hand the camera guy Tyler’s act of revenge in the end seem to plot a third season of the show. However that would definitely turn the whole point of the title.



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