Hello Readers, first of all a big thank you to all of you. You all are spending time to read my articles and appreciating it. Thank you, I am grateful to all of you. Feeling of Gratitude is the most beautiful feeling, it’s magical. When you pay your gratitude towards anyone, it automatically attracts more chances of feeling grateful. Today my agenda is to write some words about this incredible feeling. Friends if you also feel the same, if you feel grateful for anything or anyone, just follow this practice to say thanks. It will create happiness in your life and the person’s life will also blossom, who has done something good to you.


I want to pay my sincere thanks to God, for creating this beautiful world. Thank you to my parents, who have given me this precious life. I am indeed a lucky girl. Thank you to my husband for the immense love and support he has given at each step of my life. Thank you to my sisters for care and love they showered on me. Thank you all my relatives, friends and colleagues to help me achieve my goals in professional and personal life. Thank you my creative vibes team, for your support and motivation, I feel energetic when I write because of you all.

I also want to thank one more person, he is my colleague and a good friend. One day he asked me a very interesting question. He asked, “Beena, do you have dual personality?” I said “why you feel this suddenly”? he said “Yeah, because you mostly write about Positivity, amazing life, Forgiveness, and sometimes, suddenly you get upset when something wrong happens? Why you question then, that why this is happening? Why don’t you apply these logic of being happy and thankful? He continued, “I feel positive when I talk with you, I get positive vibes from you, but sometimes I get confused when you get upset, so It force me to think that are you the same or do you have dual personality.” Even I got confused when he asked this, it made me think, he was correct, sometimes it happens with me. But finally I have decided that whatever happens now, weather in my favor or not, I will follow my own write ups. I will say Thanks for everything. So it is a great learning. Thanks my friend. You helped me to learn biggest lesson of life. Thank you


Guys, do you know how I got this idea to write about Gratitude today? I was watching “Dr. Subash Chandra Show” in the morning today. He was talking about Gratitude. As you all are aware when I read or watch anything mind blowing then I feel like sharing it with you all. So through that show, he was helping us to learn how we should be thankful to others. Say thanks whenever somebody do something good to you.

Here, I want to portray one example from the most amazing Hindi movie, Baghban, you all must have seen that movie, it was a big learning for all of us. We never feel grateful to our parents. Why? Sometimes we think, whatever they are doing for us, it’s their duty. Suppose we belong to a middle class family and our parents forget about their own desires and spend all their money to fulfill our demands. Then we say it’s okay. It is nothing great they are doing; it is part of their obligation. Really?? Can’t we realize the fact that we are grateful that our parents are the best parents in the world. They are working so hard day and night to bring good food, clothes and other things which we need.


In that movie, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan said, Parents are roots of the family, and children are branches. Is it correct? Yes, you agree right? We are Indians, it is our culture that parents will support us till the last breath. However, if you have studied or heard about cultures of other countries, you will get to know that after a certain age like 16 or 18 of their child, they just leave their child to go and earn. So we should be grateful that our parents follow that Indian culture. We are protective enough, we are lucky. We Indians rock.


The science behind gratitude says “People who practice gratitude in their life would experience more of joy and happiness”. You don’t need to look for a big reason to show gratitude, you can say thanks for small things also. In school days, we used to say a prayer before having lunch “Thank you God, for the food, for the water and for everything”.J you know, I still practice the same. It gives me happiness. Start noticing new things you are grateful for every day. So it will help you in two ways: 1. You will not feel bored in saying thanks again and again for the same thing. 2. It will provide you more reasons for saying thanks, and automatically it will attract joy.

Guys these are small things may be to talk about, after reading this write up, maybe you will think we do not have time for all this. We have enough work to do. Life has become materialistic right? Everything counts for a profit or loss. If I will do this, then I will get this? The equation of life is revolving around gains and losses. But tell me what about inner happiness? when you are going to office, working nonstop, doing household chores, going to Gym to be fit, why you doing all this? Because you get salary, because it is your responsibility, because you want to be fit, to look good right? Everyone follows give and take. Now a day we all try to bribe God, for everything, God please get me that job, I will offer you sweets, God please I want good result in my exams, I will daily come to temple or I will donate some amount. is it really beneficial? I would say instead of doing this, if you start thanking God for what you have already, you will attract more of good things. You will attract abundance of things you want. If you will take out little time like 15 minutes a day. And just think about the things you are thankful for, just say thanks before going to bed. Will it harm you in anyway? I don’t think it will harm you, rather it will give you pleasure, and a sound sleep.

It is small thing to think about, but if you will practice gratitude it can change your life. For my sake, just think about it once. I trust you guys, you will. Thank you!!


Be happy, keep smiling, Count your blessings!!

Beena Himthani

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