Samar I am afraid.

Why, what happened?

You told me that only family members and some close friend would be there, but I could even see my childhood friend Diksha and my primary teacher Miss Anne.

Yeah, She seem very happy when I told her about your engagement.

But but I am very nervous.

Hey, take a chill pill babe.

Haha very funny.

You look beautiful.

I know, tell me something new.

How did you lose so much weight, in so little time.

Its a secret.

Please tell me.

Someother day, I promise.

Why not now.

Don’t you see I am in a middle of my engagement.

Oh, yes.


Are you ok?



I am nervous. All those eyes, are looking straight at me, I am so nervous.

Don’t worry, they must be admiring you from distance.

How do you know.

Because in freshman year, I also use to do that. Staring at you for hours and hours.

Ugh! You were so creep back then.

Yeah So creep that, when you left your purse at the counter of the canteen, I picked it up and ran behind your car for two and a half kilometer.

Yeah I remember that, I was so grateful for having a stalker like you that day that day.

Stalker is so bad word, I’d prefer admirer, wait did you intentionally left your purse there?

Yes, to see if you really care. Mr Admirer.

What if I didn’t notice.

It was empty anyway.

You little evil.

See that one moment, had opened the doors of thousand possibilities.

Yeah, right. What else did you lie about.

What do you mean?

I mean was there anything else that you did, that I didn’t know about.

First of all I am not a liar, secondly whatever I did, I did it for you, Stupid.

It means there are more things. More secrets.

Yeah, but I just told one, Now it’s your turn.

Hey I don’t have any secrets.

Don’t be a liar, everyone in this room has a secret, some dare to tell while some struggle within to not to disclose.

Oh my god My babe is so philosophical.

Yeah I am, so tell me.

Do you remember the guy you use to date, during freshman years.

yeah I do.

We spread a rumor that he’s gay.

But he was, I remember that.

That’s the power of our rumor.


look there.


Right behind beside the ice cream counter, blue shirt short hair.

Oh, what’s he doing here.

I called him, After all he was your friend.

You mean gay friend.

Hey that’s just a rumor, I apologized to him yesterday, and invited him here.

good boi.

Now it’s your turn.

Do you remember Natasha.

How can I forgot her.

Yes, she always liked you.

What! No!

I swear, she had a huge crush on you.



Why didn’t you tell me this before.

I don’t know, I always thought you would not be interested in her.

Who gave you the authority to decide whom I like or dislike.

Tone Mr.

I am sorry.

Its ok, don’t repent. She became a mother last month.

Really? how do you know?



By the way it’s now your turn.

let’s stop, Now.


Its just too much I guess.

But I am enjoying it.

I don’t feel good?

Do you want water?


So What do you want then?

I just need some fresh air.

Then go and have some.

I don’t want to go alone.

Do you need company?

Would You come?

Always! but right now let’s wait till the ceremony is over.

Would You like to dance.

In this? NO. Mr.







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