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Fish cannot climb the trees


Napoleon Bonaparte once Said “All people are born with same intelligence. There’s nothing like dumb or genius, it is one’s level of interest that decides one’s performance in a particular subject. The interest level is the key difference in why one child stands first and another child fails, though both of them sits in the same class.” Sounds good? Read on.

How it was
how the classrooms were 5 decades back

Education System is the foundation of every nation. It played the major role in India’s overall development too. We can proudly say that India has contributed marvelously in every field. Call it technology or medical science or Healthcare or anything. We always had the potential to perform with the sword in both the hands. If you are an MBA or an Investor, I’m sure you have heard about Warren Buffet, the guy who created almost all his wealth from Investing. You must have heard or read that he says ” Never keep all the eggs in one basket.” It was the utmost base on which he used to invest his Money. Do you think a guy sitting in United States created this rule? No! I heard something like this when I was in sixth standard, and for the very first time I traveled alone and went to Agra. 13th March, 2006. My Beloved Grandfather handed me 300 Rupees and told me to keep each note in the separate pocket so that even if someone tries to act smart, the pickpocketer will be able to access only One pocket and the probability will be saving of 200 bucks in every case. Do you think my GrandPa had ever heard about Warren Buffet?  The answer is No of course. This rule existed in India since the very beginning.

So how our Education system used to be in earlier times? I’m sure You must have heard about Gurukul System. One teacher used to teach 5-6 students and used to train them in every aspect. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. There used to be a personal touch between students and the teacher. The teacher used to know all the strengths and weaknesses of each and every student. The most amazing thing is, there used to be no written exams, no cramming up the notes, no last minute assignments, nothing. The teacher used to teach a lesson and the student was tested for that practically. There were oral tests, Viva and other practical test. But what if the student fails? So what? The teacher used to suggest him to go and study that lesson again and come back again with a revision. That was true test of knowledge. The Pure test of the level of intellect.

out of the box
Day Dreaming – A definition for thinking out of the box

Then everything changed when Britishers came and India was colonised under them.

The English Education Act 1835 was passed and Lord Macaulay created the system for the “Followers” not for the “Leaders”. Yes, they always wanted to rule us and that’s why he created this education system which was actually created to make more servants. In a letter which was written to British Parliament he wrote that “even if India gets freedom, the country will Never able to sense that feeling of freedom. This education system will produce people who will look like Indians and behave like Britishers.”

Smart, isn’t it?

This is what happening. All of us are running behind getting good grades, getting admission in a reputed college, securing a good job and planning for retirement.  Exactly as the Britishers predicted. The thing which I forgot to write earlier is, the present education System is just focusing on partial Mental training and ignoring other areas of education (physical, spiritual and emotional). What we fail to learn is “How to attain the equilibrium, the balance.”

But what is the necessity of focusing on other areas of education? Cramming up last minute notes is enough to get good grades right? Wrong! There’s a big difference between knowledge and cramming. Let me tell you a simple truth which will make you feel that something is actually wrong.

We Need Help!
We Need Help!


In India, every student starts with his or her school at the age of three or four. After school he gets admission in college for graduation and probably for post graduation afterwards. Then of course he or she applies for a job and proudly writes “Fresher” in his one pager. If you take some time to look at the meaning of fresher in any Oxford dictionary you will find the meaning of this word. It is – WHO HAS NO TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE/ FOOL/ WHO KNOWS NOTHING. My question is, what’s the purpose of our 17 years Education if we still are fool? And yeah! I told you to look Oxford Dictionary because it is compiled up by none other than Britishers.

Back to the topic, so what is the need for other aspects of education other than mental education (that too partial)? Okay! Let me put in a different way. Let’s talk about emotional education. There’s a thing called pressure. We students are expected to deal with it since our childhood. Go to school, complete Your homework, prepare for your exams, why your grades are so poor?, Look at Sharma ji’s son’s performance, this Saturday there is a parents teachers meeting and on and on and on. That’s one aspect, other is “What if I don’t understand mathematics?’ do You think I have another choice? No! I have to deal with the trigonometry and Algebra and geometry, just because people around me thinks that “Fish has the ability to climb trees”.

“What if I flunked? My Parents will scold me and not going to talk to me properly for a month. My teachers and Co students will ‘Label’ me as dumb student and a good for nothing guy. No one will understand that I have a tendency to float in the water and not to climb up the trees.

No one will think that these bad grades are not only affecting my academic front but it is a permanent mark on my overall character. Do you think I’ll be able to Love myself ever? No! Even if I will try, the loud noise of my parents, my teachers and my class fellows, calling me a loser will ring inside my mind.

This is a total failure of emotional education. We don’t know how to deal with the failure, because our near and dear ones expect that only good grades will come in our way.

What Should I Do ?

I’m just asking you my dear friend, When this will stop? When we will make our children learn that one can’t taste the success before tasting the failure?

It’s time to wake up guys. This failure of education system as well as Value system needs to be repaired. We have to understand that the area of interest of your child and Sharma ji’s child could be different, we can’t compare their performances on an academic front. We need to understand that success has nothing to with academic performances, but it has a direct relationship with your area of interest. We can’t just wander here and there holding our children hands, from person to person and asking him or her “isko 12th standard k bad kaun sa course krau?”

A very interesting incident happened with me when I cleared my 12th. My Dad and me went to a relative’s house and that relative gave me a free suggestion “beta Hotel Management Karlo, bahut scope hai” I smiled at that gentleman and asked ” Uncle what are the different subjects in that particular course?” The colour of his face just blew away. He looked at my Dad and said “That I don’t know”.

The person who don’t even know the subjects of that course, how in the world he can give me such a sure shot suggestion in taking one of the most critical decision of my life?

I learned two lessons from that incident:- 1. The word “Scope” is an illusion.

  1. The Free suggestions can be very costly sometimes.

(Sorry uncle if you are reading this. Nothing personal 😀 )

You know the reason why I’m writing this? Recently I met a guy who was a  drummer in a band. I met him accidentally in metro when I was reading “The Power of Subconscious mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy. He came to me and the next moment we were discussing about the book and other Philosophies. That Guy was darn smart and a very good observer. He told me that his family forced him to do chartered accountant (CA) and after he flunked twice in the same group, he went into acute stage of depression. He dealt with hallucinations, schizophrenia and all that technical things. One day, suffering from an imaginary fear he drank mosquito liquid vaporiser with an intention to end his life. Luckily doctors saved his life and soon he overcame depression too. You know how he overcame depression? Because, after so many incidents, he dared to follow his dreams. Now he is working in an acting studio as well as he is a drummer. The lesson was extremely hard for him. What will you call this? Failure of education system or failure of value System or both?

Today there are 40 students sitting in front of a single teacher, listening to a similar topic because they will be tested on that topic only. Don’t you think that just as a doctor gives different medication to every patient, according to his or her needs, a student also deserves something like that? Do you still Think that punishing a child if he is not attentive in a particular class will affect his academic performance? This is information age friends, there is a whole new world beyond getting good grades and securing a fancy job.

India, a country filled with MBAs, engineers , techies, physicians and all the other professionals, does anyone care about the teachers? I believe that teaching is the most critical job. Teachers shape the young brains and nurture them with utmost care. Their job not ends when the school bell rings. They teach us to never doubt on ourselves and lit up the eagerness to learn. They are the foundation of the society as well as the country. They focus on their job because they understand that one lecture, one lesson and one good thought can change someone’s life. But who remembers the teacher ? If you are reading this, go and say thanks to your teachers because they made you capable enough.

To sum up, I just wanted to say that this is the high time. It’s time to create more leaders than Followers. This is the time to forget about the past and look after our present so that the future of our country can be more fruitful. This is the time we need to understand that Fish cannot climb trees.

Fish can not climb trees
Do You Still Think We Can Climb Trees?

I would love to listen from you. Any suggestions, comments and views are welcome. Please write in the comment box below or e-mail me at [email protected]

See you soon guys.

Love, laughter and Peace

Himanshu R Nagpal



6 thoughts on “Fish cannot climb the trees

  1. Varsha

    Great explanation 🙂

    1. Himanshu R Nagpal
      Himanshu R Nagpal says:

      Thank you Ma’am 🙂

  2. Shelo aura

    You are awesome sir I mean it ,you have made the entire think to be understandable .Every will easily get into your idea of education .but the fact about it is nothing is gonna change permanently ,do you think people would not have the attraction towards government jobs ?

    1. Himanshu R Nagpal
      Himanshu R Nagpal says:

      Hello Ma’am
      First of all thanks for writing and I’m really glad you like the article.
      Serving the government is the noblest thing one could ever do but before that these two things should be taken care of
      First is ask yourself that are you really determined and honest about that job
      Second is – have you honestly went through the selection process (though it needs alteration too)
      If you are honestly interested for the job, without getting influenced and without looking at the job security and other personal benefits, then you are following your call.
      All the best and be in touch 🙂

  3. Trisha

    So you wanna ban the system or reform it?

    1. Himanshu R Nagpal
      Himanshu R Nagpal says:

      Hi Trisha
      Ofcourse this system needs a reformation. The problems are many, I’ve personally suffered some.
      See in a class of 40 students , every child has a different mind set, different beliefs and different set of interests. On the other side, there are children with special needs too. I’ve seen that most people doesn’t understand that he or she has a different set of mind and consider him or her dumb or good for nothing. Just cramming up the guides and last minute notes and scoring good grades doesn’t make anyone intelligent. I don’t think it determines anyone’s level of intellect.
      Thanks for the question ma’am
      Would love to listen again from you.

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