Figmented Reality

Figmented Reality

Author – Zuko

Creative Vibes Rating – 3/5

Genre – Fiction

Publication house – Leadstart Corp. (Frog books)

ISBN – 978-93-52016-7

No. Of pages – 157


The Story begins when the Protagonist (Siddharth) meets Veena at his home and fell for her instantly. He was attracted to her physically, like many teenagers who get attracted to women who are older than them. Siddharth was 16 years old and Veena was 32. She had 2 kids. Four years elapsed, but he was unable to see her again.

After 4 long years, and facing many rejections from girls of her age, he finally had an opportunity to see her again at an addiction control program. He was addicted to weed, porn and what not. Finally they meet and again he started getting attracted to her. They had lot of chats and spend lot of quality time together. But she was not looking at Siddharth, the way he was looking at her. Friendship with Ananya and Adithya also has a big role to play in their story.

Figmented Reality
Figmented Reality

But every story has a past, this one has a past too. The addiction made him blind and he was unable to judge what’s real and what is fictitious. The main challenge was to differentiate between what’s real and what’s figmented. Is wild imagination playing the lead role? The way Siddharth looking at the situation was love or a ‘Figmented Reality’? To discover, grab your copies from HERE


The Story is very scattered in the beginning and certain things were hard to believe too. The facts were somewhat dramatised in every situation. The addictions of the Protagonist played the main role in moving the story ahead. I somewhat felt that the characters of the book are overreacting in most of the situations, though everything got cleared in last 10 pages. The story makes the reader to judge what’s real and what’s fictitious and where the human mind of the protagonist is playing tricks.

What I Love About The Book

I would say the Philosophy. Before almost every chapter, the protagonist shares some philosophy about Life, Love, Addictions and what not. It catches the attention of the reader and makes him or her more involved with the story. The personal experiences of the protagonist made him learn a lot about life in a harder way. But it’s the garland of the story

Figmented Reality
Figmented Reality

What I Found a Little Inappropriate

As I have wrote earlier, that certain facts are hard to believe and in reality it doesn’t make sense. The story was a bit scattered in the beginning and it was moving a bit directionless.


Just like a funnel, the story is wider and scattered in the beginning and as the reader turn pages, it gets narrower and narrower.  The concept is good which puts reader into a situation in which reader has to think that what’s real and what’s unreal.

Figmented Reality
Figmented Reality

3 Words to Conclude

> Philosophical

> Bold

> Imaginative


Kudos to the Author

Stay Tuned For More

Love, Laughter & Peace

Himanshu R Nagpal


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