Fable of my defeat

Hey guys, how are you all? As you all know, today it’s world mental health day. So, i wrote this writeup to share how it feels to undergo all this and still behave normally. We all have felt this kind of pain at some point in time in our lives. Mental health is something which is always overlooked by everyone, yet it is something which is really important for our well being. Here I go.

Fable of my own defeat

Being a teen, it is our age of being highly distracted ;
We are lost in our own whims and fancies,
We now start questioning about the things lying within us unlike our younger selves.

The constant battle between being happy and being the best is fought every day, every hour and every single minute ;
A battle between our mind and our feelings,
We start feeling that we’re being misunderstood by our loved ones and constantly being judged by this bally world ,
The world which is in no way affected by my inner peace and happiness ,
Still ever ready to pull me down.

Everyday, I am being told –
It is not the way you are supposed to behave,
You only know to react instead of responding ,
You’re useless enough to be dumped by this real world ,
You have lost your rationality ,
And that, being a chubby cry baby won’t make you craveable in this world.

You get to listen all this from someone closer to you,
Your entire relationship is destroyed because of your mental illness and hormonal fluctuations ;
This is the time you feel a lot of things happening to you,
Still behave in the socially accepted manner ,
This has led to so many sleepless nights, million or maybe uncountable tear drops, headaches, pimples on your face and irritation always.

This is what mental illness does to me,
I was certain as to there is a problem,
But feared sharing with anyone in this world,
Because having poor mental health simply appeals as being mentally retarded or the way being portrayed by the theatre,
The one who has lost the sense of judgement, crying and smiling without any reasons ; blabbering and fighting.
But I was normal most of the times ,
Unless the moment it used to take over me.

I could not find my comfort and happiness in anything ,
A girl who was so optimistic and confident ,lost her everything ;
And fell prey to the vicious cycle of her emotions to socially unacceptable state.

She was a broken piece of poetry ,
Trying to complete her puzzled life again,
Sadly, Nobody understood her pains and agony.
Ultimately, everything made her learn the lessons for life ;
Her gullible heart, sweet side and affection were completely long lost on darkest roads.

It won’t be easy but it would get better ,
There is a hope but I do have to work for it.

Thank you.

Loads of love and happiness
Manushreya Sharma

3 thoughts on “Fable of my defeat

  1. Swati Vats

    Very well written…..

    1. Manushreya Sharma
      Manushreya Sharma says:

      Thank you so much,bua!

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