Everyone has a story

Everyone Has A Story

Author – Savi Sharma

Creative Vibes Rating – 3.5/5

Genre – Fiction 

Number of Pages – 175



Meera, a girl who works as an HR Manager in a corporate, searching for a story which can influence millions of reader’s heart. Every Weekend, she goes to a cafe called ‘Cafe & Us’ which always remain filled with writers . Kabir, the manager of the cafe, wants her to follow her dreams and to begin writing. One Day, a famous author comes to the cafe to promote his work. And on that magical day, she saw Vivaan (who is an assistant branch manager in a leading bank). She get to know that even after being in so serious profession, Vivaan wants to travel the world. That was enough for Meera to begin with her story. She got the pull and she start writing Vivaan’s story, which revolves around his will to travel. She writes a few pages and show it to Kabir, who read it loud enough in the cafe, which was enough to catch Vivaan’s ears. And the story begins. They Started meeting oftenly as Meera wanted to dig up everything about Vivaan, which will surely be beneficial for her story. They both discovered that Kabir also has a story, which revolves around a girl called Nisha and he needs to start his own cafe because Nisha has a strong financial backgound as compared to Kabir, as he belonged to a lower middle class family. Vivaan helped him financially and offered him a partnership which he gladly accepted.One Day they went for a walk in the woods and while talking, they exchanged their first kiss. They started sharing an affectionate realtion. But one day Vivaan went away without any prior information. He resigned from his job too.

Meera was not able to accept that. She felt that she has lost something precious inside her.

Where is Vivaan? Will he come back to Meera ? Is This the end of their story?

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The Story is filled with Innocence and each and every word is so alluring. This book will make you Smile and Laugh and even Sob in between. The Girl from Surat created her magic through her words. Dreams, Love, Life and Destiny, I Think these 4 words are enough to conclude the whole book.

Though the book is little Dramatic in between but as a reader, it is not over flowing. All over it’s a great book and an the kudos to the author.

My Favorite Lines – “Everyone has a story to tell, Everyone is a writer. Some are written in the books, and some are confined to the hearts.”


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