Chocolate boy was his name

Winning hearts favourite game

Magnificent was his charm

Simplicity another arm

No grudges, no enemies

Lived life in absolute peace

Then increased his valour

With Unexpected glamour

Life took a turnover

Gave no time to ponder


Success, money, looks

Blocked his civility in nooks

Chauvinism took over

Declining the appealing power

Insentient of his deeds

He continued securing his needs

Flaunting his materials

Considering simplicity trivial

Governed by self code

He ran on a new road




 Love in him faded

Self-Obsession was expected

Then Thought of superiority

Added to the adversity

He began praising his name

For some virtual fame

Egotheism now, his preachings

Forgot all the novel teachings

Self-righteous attitude

Further declined his gratitude

“Sorry, Thanks, Please”

Usage of these words ceased



 Friends became strangers

Enemies were more closer


Philanthropic was this guy,

Now being egoist fool he cry.            

                          -Richa gangwani









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