Donation or Enticement?

Donation or Enticement?

7th February,2008. It was an ordinary day, same routine – school, coaching classes and a repeat telecast of ‘Roadies’ in the evening. But one thing was special about that day. The very next day was my Dad’s birthday. So like any other child, I had saved 900 Bucks from my pocket money to buy a present for my Dad. But I was in a dilemma about what to buy for him that year – A wallet? Nahh (pichhle sal bhi wohi diya tha :D) A Parker pen? (we have a family problem that no matter how many pens we have, we always ask Mom to find a pen when we need it). So, after my all the mental ammunitions failed, I finally went to my dad when he was busy preparing a cozy bed for my beloved Grand Pa.

I sheepishly said “Papa, I have saved these 900 rupees to buy a gift for you. But the problem is I’m not able to decide that what I should buy. Can you please accept this and buy something for yourself? He smiled and gently replied “ Himanshu, I can give you more than 10 times of this amount right here, right now. And It really doesn’t matter what present you’ll give to me, it will be very special for me. It will be so precious for me that you can’t even imagine.  The cost doesn’t matter, your feelings are what actually matter.”


I realized that how foolish I was. Giving money back to my Dad to buy a present for himself was much like showing torch light to the sun.

Idiotic isn’t it?

If you think yes, close your eyes and remember last time you went to a Temple, or a Church, or a Mosque, Gurudwara or any other religious institute. Try to remember that donation box in which you put a part of your savings. Try to remember what were you feeling when you were putting money into that box. You were thinking about that exam in which you flunked last time, about that girl who dumped you last year and you desperately wanted her back in your life or about your boss who is constantly giving you reprimands and the list goes on and on. Open a dictionary in your smart phone and find the meaning of Bribe. Wait , I’ll find it for you. My Dictionary says – Bribe is to ask a person to do something , in exchange for some type of reward (usually money).  So you are in a better position to judge now that what is Bribe and what is Charity.

When the wealthiest man across the globe, Mr. Bill Gates came to India to promote his NGO – ‘The Gates Foundation’ a reporter asked him that why he has chosen India, because Indians are not much into charity. He was not able to answer back. Then one gentleman from the audience said that India is so much into charity. They are doing charity and donating money so much. But the problem is they are giving donations to the wrong persons and in the wrong direction

This is darn true.

Let me make it simple. God does not need your money. He is the Creator of every single thing, including you. As it is denoted in Ishaopnishad that  “Anything which moves is a creation of God”.  What he wants from us is devotion, faith, patience and trust. He do not expect anything which is created by us and which is transitory. He is our Father, our creator, our preserver. He is not here to make a deal with us. He is the ocean of mercy and whatever we are doing and whatever is happening to us is just a part of a play which is directed by him.

You want to make him happy? You expect mercy from him ? Go to the roadside and feed a stray dog, God will be happy.

Do not harm anyone unnecessarily. Do not feel jealous when your near ones succeed. Feed the poor, the destitute, to those who are less fortunate than you are. Feel the pain who are suffering from depression, and mental illness, and please take them to a counselor or a psychiatrist, instead of following some orthodox beliefs. Break the wall between black and whites, rich and poor and so on. I guarantee you, God will be so happy when he will see how you are treating your fellow brethren. He will be so proud of you, just the way your parents were when you scored first position in your class. He will proudly say that “he or she is my creation.”

Let’s not give money to Pujaris or priest to perform a puja for your betterment. You never know, may be he has committed more sins than you. Do it yourself, in your customized way. God will be happy.

May God bless us All and show us the divine path.

And yeah, I gifted  5 freshly plucked roses to my Dad that year

Love, Laughter and Peace

Himanshu R Nagpal

6 thoughts on “Donation or Enticement?

  1. MVG

    Good thought with the right ingredients. Keep up with the spirit.

    1. Himanshu R Nagpal
      Himanshu R Nagpal says:

      Thank you ma’am 🙂

  2. Aditya shukla
    Aditya shukla says:

    Wonderful article…

  3. Jagdish Chandna
    Jagdish Chandna says:

    Well written. I agree with your thoughts 100 %????

  4. Jagdish Chandna
    Jagdish Chandna says:

    One thing needs to be considered is that when ever we go to some religious place,we must put something into donation box not so called bribe but for the expenditure to be met by such institutions for daily needs and long run maintenance.Rather we should inculcate a habit in little kids to give something from their hands.Boxes are kept for secret donations.If one donates openly by getting a proper receipt or gets his name announced publicly it is show and boosting.

    1. Himanshu R Nagpal
      Himanshu R Nagpal says:

      I second that
      The problem lies is the intention by which peopleare putting money in donation box. I agree that they require money to meet their expenses, but the allocation of funds are not happening properly in most of the institutions. In many institutions lots and lots of funds are left after its allocation. It needs to be further allocated for the upliftment of the destitutes and needy ones.
      This is what I feel.

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